Top Logistics Companies in Sharjah – Get Your Goods Moving

Are you looking for reliable logistics companies in Sharjah to handle your shipping and delivery needs? Look no further! The bustling city of Sharjah is home to numerous world-class logistics companies offering a wide range of services, from express courier and freight forwarding to e-commerce solutions. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right company that meets your specific requirements. In this blog post, we have rounded up some of the top logistics companies in Sharjah that guarantee efficient and hassle-free shipping for individuals and businesses alike. So sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the best logistics providers in town!

Top Logistics Companies in Sharjah – Get Your Goods Moving

1. Shipa Delivery

Top Logistics Companies in Sharjah - Get Your Goods Moving

Shipa Delivery is a modern logistics company that provides exceptional shipping services to businesses and individuals across Dubai, UAE. Their range of services includes same-day delivery, express delivery as well as e-commerce logistics solutions.

One of the standout features of Shipa Delivery is the user-friendly online platform that makes it easy for customers to ship their packages and track their deliveries with ease. With just a few clicks on the website or mobile app, customers can place orders and access real-time tracking information on their package’s whereabouts.

What sets Shipa Delivery apart from other logistics companies in Sharjah is its commitment to customer satisfaction. They have an experienced team of professionals who work round-the-clock to ensure seamless operations and timely delivery of services. Whether you need your package delivered urgently or require customized logistics solutions for your business needs, Shipa Delivery has got you covered.

If you’re looking for a reliable logistics partner in Sharjah that offers fast and efficient shipping solutions coupled with top-notch customer service, then look no further than Shipa Delivery!

Address: Warehouses Lands – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates


Contact: +971 600 574472

2. FedEx

Top Logistics Companies in Sharjah - Get Your Goods Moving

FedEx has a reputation for being one of the most reliable logistics companies in the world, and its presence in Sharjah is no exception. With a wide range of services available to businesses and individuals alike, FedEx makes it easy to ship packages and documents both domestically and internationally.

Express delivery is one area where FedEx excels, offering fast and efficient shipping options that are perfect for time-sensitive shipments. Their freight forwarding services are also top-notch, providing businesses with an easy way to move large quantities of goods across borders.

For e-commerce retailers looking to expand their reach globally, FedEx offers comprehensive e-commerce solutions that can help streamline operations and ensure timely deliveries. From order fulfilment to returns management, they have everything covered.

Whether you’re a small business owner or an individual looking to send a package overseas, FedEx’s extensive network and commitment to customer service make them an excellent choice for all your logistics needs in Sharjah.

Address: Shop 44, Ground Floor, Crystal Plaza, Tower B – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates


Contact: +971 800 0150001

3. Jeebly 

 logistics companies in sharjah

Jeebly is a courier and logistics company based in Sharjah that offers reliable delivery services to businesses and individuals across the UAE and around the world. They provide a range of services, including domestic and international courier, freight forwarding, and logistics solutions.

One of Jeebly’s main strengths is its ability to offer efficient deliveries for both domestic and international shipments. With their advanced tracking system, customers can easily monitor their packages throughout the entire shipping process.

In addition to traditional courier services, Jeebly also provides freight forwarding solutions for businesses with heavy or bulky items. Their team of experts will handle all aspects of the shipment process from start to finish ensuring that your cargo arrives at its destination safely and on time.

Jeebly prides itself on its commitment to customer satisfaction by providing personalized service tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. Their dedicated team ensures that every package is handled with care while maintaining transparency throughout the entire delivery process.

Jeebly is an excellent choice for anyone looking for reliable logistics solutions in Sharjah. Whether you need same-day delivery or international freight forwarding services, Jeebly has got you covered with their fast, efficient, secure shipping options.

Address: 7G39+5X8 – Warehouses Lands – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates

Contact: 600-533-259

4. DHL

 logistics companies in sharjah

DHL is a well-known logistics company that has been operating in the UAE for many years. They provide international express delivery, freight forwarding, and e-commerce solutions to businesses and individuals across Sharjah.

One of the key benefits of using DHL’s services is its extensive network. With a presence in more than 220 countries and territories, they have the ability to transport packages almost anywhere in the world. This makes them an ideal choice for companies looking to expand globally.

In addition to their international services, DHL also offers shipping and tracking solutions within Sharjah itself. Whether you’re sending a package across town or need it delivered urgently, they can help you get it there on time.

Another advantage of working with DHL is its commitment to technology. They offer user-friendly online platforms that make it easy for customers to book shipments, track deliveries, and manage their logistics needs from anywhere in the world.

If you’re looking for reliable logistics support from a global player with local expertise in Sharjah, then DHL may be just what your business needs.

Address: Sharjah City Centre Ground Floor Entrance 3, next to information desk – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates

Contact: +971 600 567567

5. First Flight 

First Flight

First Flight is a logistics company that understands the importance of reliable and efficient delivery services. They offer a wide range of solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses and individuals in Sharjah, including international couriers, domestic couriers, freight forwarding, and logistics.

With their strong focus on customer satisfaction, First Flight has built a reputation for providing top-notch service. Their team is dedicated to ensuring that every package arrives at its destination on time and in perfect condition.

Whether you need to send documents or products across town or around the world, First Flight has got you covered. Their experienced professionals will work with you to develop customized shipping solutions that meet your specific needs.

From tracking packages in real-time to handling customs clearance issues, First Flight takes care of everything so that you can focus on growing your business. With their exceptional service and competitive pricing, it’s no wonder why they are one of the top logistics companies in Sharjah.

Address: Al Nud Street Near Al Nud Park – Sharjah – United Arab Emirate


Contact: 04 2530300

6. Aramex


Aramex is a well-known logistics and transportation company based in Dubai, UAE. They are known for offering express courier services, freight forwarding solutions, and efficient logistics solutions to businesses and individuals across the globe.

With its strong presence in the UAE, Aramex has established itself as one of the leading logistics companies not only in Sharjah but around the world. Their reliable services have made them a popular choice among customers who require quick delivery at affordable prices.

Aramex operates in more than 60 countries worldwide and has a vast network of agents and partners that help them provide seamless delivery services globally. Their innovative technology also helps customers track their packages easily while providing real-time updates on delivery status.

Their commitment to sustainability sets them apart from other logistics companies by focusing on reducing carbon emissions through eco-friendly practices such as using hybrid vehicles or electric bikes for urban deliveries.

Aramex’s dedication to customer satisfaction through fast, reliable service combined with an eco-conscious approach makes them stand out as one of the top logistics companies available today.

Address: 8CQ4+94P – Liberty Service Center (Liberty showroom – King Abdul Aziz St – Industrial Ar – Industrial Area 4 – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates


Contact: +971600544000

7. UPS or United Parcel Service 

United Parcel Service 

UPS, also known as United Parcel Service, is one of the most popular logistics companies in the world. With a strong presence in Sharjah, UPS offers reliable and efficient delivery services to businesses and individuals in the region.

Apart from package delivery and freight forwarding, UPS provides various other logistics solutions to meet their customers’ needs. Their range of services includes supply chain management, customs brokerage, warehousing, and distribution solutions.

UPS has been expanding its operations globally by partnering with local companies to offer more localized services. In Sharjah specifically, they have teamed up with multiple businesses to provide pick-up and drop-off locations for their customers’ convenience.

One unique feature of UPS is that they offer technology-driven solutions such as online tracking tools that allow their customers to track their packages in real-time. This feature helps both businesses and individuals stay informed about the status of their shipments.

UPS’s vast network, combined with its advanced technological features, makes it a top choice among logistics companies in Sharjah for those seeking fast and convenient shipping options.

Address: King Faisal Street Damas Building, Ground Floor, Shop 7 – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates


Contact: 600544743


Sharjah has a thriving logistics industry, with many reputable companies providing reliable and efficient delivery services to businesses and individuals in the region. From global giants like FedEx, DHL, and UPS to local players like Jeebly and First Flight, there is no shortage of options for customers looking for logistics solutions.

It’s important to choose a logistics company that meets your specific needs and budget while also offering excellent customer service. With this list of top logistics companies in Sharjah as a starting point, you can easily make an informed decision about which company to work with.

Whether you’re shipping packages domestically or internationally, these top logistics companies in Sharjah are sure to provide you with the quality service you need. So go ahead and start exploring your options today!

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