City Walk Restaurants Dubai –  Top 10 Restaurants

Dubai is known for its luxurious lifestyle, breathtaking architecture, and mouth-watering cuisine. If you want to indulge in some of the best food experiences while enjoying a stroll around the city, then City Walk is the perfect destination. With many restaurants to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide where to eat. Don’t worry; we have covered you with our top 10 picks of Dubai’s best City Walk restaurants. From Farzi’s modern Indian cuisine to Five Guys’ famous burgers, we have something for everyone. Read on as we take you through an unforgettable culinary journey in one of Dubai’s most vibrant locations.

City Walk Restaurants Dubai –  Top 10 Restaurants

1. Farzi


Indulge in an elevated Indian dining experience at Farzi, a modern bistro with a creative spin on traditional Indian cuisine. Its chic and stylish interior design makes Farzi perfect for intimate meals or special occasions. Not only does the restaurant serve delicious food, but it also offers live music and entertainment to make your dining experience even more memorable. Don’t miss out on their must-try dishes, such as the signature Dal Chawal Arancini and Tandoori Wild Mushrooms, which will tantalize your taste buds.

Address: Dubai City Walk Ii, Building No 5, City Walk Ii, Al Safa, Dubai, UAE.

Contact: +971526892012

2. Melenzane


Dubai’s dining scene is diverse, with various options for every taste and preference. Among the top City Walk restaurants, Melenzane stands out for its delicious Italian cuisine and cosy atmosphere. Whether you’re craving handmade pasta or wood-fired pizza, this best restaurant will surely satisfy you. But Melenzane isn’t the only standout spot in City Walk – other top choices include Farzi Cafe, La Tablita, and The City Grill. With so many great options available, it’s important to research and read reviews before making a reservation.

Address: City Walk, Al Safa St, Al Wasl, Dubai

Contact: 04 252 2226

3. Saya Cafe City Walk

Saya Cafe City Walk

Introducing a Mediterranean-inspired menu, Saya Café City Walk is ideal for healthy and fresh dining options. The outdoor seating area offers stunning city views, perfect for a laid-back meal with friends and family. With vegan and gluten-free choices, Saya Café caters to all dietary needs. Additionally, the café has an extensive selection of coffee drinks, juices, and smoothies that complement its delicious food offerings. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty meal or just looking to grab a quick drink, Saya Café City Walk should be on your list of top restaurants in Dubai.

Address: City Walk, Al Wasl, Dubai.

Contact: +971 4 5104800

4. Home by McGettigan’s

Home by Mcgettigan's

As mentioned earlier, “Home by McGettigan’s” is not a relevant heading for this blog post. However, if we were to choose an approach that could be used to discuss a popular restaurant in Dubai, we could start by introducing the benefits or advantages of dining there. Whether it’s the quality of food, the ambience or the service, every restaurant has unique selling points. Exploring these factors can help potential diners make informed decisions about where to eat. In this case, highlighting what sets Home by McGettigan’s apart from other restaurants could be a great starting point. From there, readers can decide if it’s worth checking out and if it meets their expectations and preferences.

Address: The Square, Citywalk, Dubai.

Contact: 04 385 2400

5. Italian House Dubai

Italian House Dubai

Italian House Dubai is the perfect place for lovers of authentic Italian cuisine. With an extensive menu featuring homemade pasta and wood-fired pizzas, this restaurant promises a delightful dining experience. The indoor and outdoor seating options offer stunning views of the iconic Dubai Fountain, making it a great spot for special occasions or evening dinners. Wine lovers will also appreciate the wide selection of wine complementing their meals. Italian House Dubai’s warm hospitality and traditional Italian dishes have earned it numerous positive reviews, making it a must-visit destination for foodies in Dubai.

Address: City walk mall 2, Dubai.

Contact: 056 137 3308

6. FiLLi Select

FiLLi Select

FiLLi Select is a popular chain of cafes with locations throughout Dubai, including City Walk. They are known for their signature karak tea, made with a blend of black tea, milk, and various spices. This unique tea has become a cultural phenomenon in the UAE, and FiLLi Select has been at the forefront of its popularity.

Their menu also includes a variety of sandwiches and snacks that pair well with their teas. With an extensive selection of teas, FiLLi Select offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a relaxing spot to enjoy some tea, FiLLi Select is definitely worth a visit for those in City Walk.

Address:  unit B03-0-08,City Walk, Dubai.

Contact:  052 371 1667

7. Allo Beirut

Allo Beirut

Allo Beirut is the perfect destination if you’re looking for a unique dining experience. This restaurant combines Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine to provide a delightful culinary journey. The cosy ambience and outdoor seating make it an ideal spot for a relaxed meal, while friendly and attentive staff provide excellent customer service. The menu offers a variety of dishes, including vegetarian and vegan options for those with dietary restrictions. Customers rave about Allo Beirut’s hummus, shawarma, and other Middle Eastern delicacies. With reasonable prices for food quality and dining experience, this restaurant has gained a dedicated following among Dubai locals and visitors alike.

Address:  Al Safa St, Al Wasl, Dubai.

Contact: 800 86234788

8. Five Guys

Five Guys

With its famous burgers and hot dogs, Five Guys has become a go-to spot for casual dining. But what sets them apart from other fast-food chains? It’s their commitment to quality ingredients and made-to-order meals. Each burger is cooked fresh on the grill, and customers can customize their order with an array of toppings, including bacon, mushrooms, and jalapenos. The fries are hand-cut daily from Idaho potatoes and cooked in peanut oil for a crisp exterior and fluffy interior. With friendly service, generous portions, and reasonable prices, it’s no wonder Five Guys has developed a loyal fan base in Dubai.

Address: City Walk, Unit 3B – 01 50th St – Al Wasl, Dubai

Contact: 04 385 5016

9. Massimo’s Italian Restaurant City Walk

Massimo's Italian Restaurant City Walk

Massimo’s Italian Restaurant City Walk is a must-visit for anyone looking for an authentic Italian dining experience with a modern twist. The restaurant offers an extensive menu of delicious dishes, from traditional pasta to seafood delicacies. With its cosy and elegant ambience, Massimo’s Italian Restaurant City Walk provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening or special occasion. Whether you’re in the mood for wine and antipasti or a full-course meal, this restaurant covers you.

One of the standout features of Massimo’s Italian Restaurant City Walk is its commitment to using only the freshest ingredients in every dish. From locally sourced produce to imported cheeses and meats, every ingredient is carefully selected to ensure maximum flavour and quality. Additionally, the restaurant offers vegetarian and gluten-free options for those with specific dietary requirements. With its excellent customer service, outdoor seating options, and convenient location near other popular attractions, Massimo’s Italian Restaurant City Walk is worth visiting during your time in Dubai.

Address: City Walk 2 Unit B02, Dubai.

Contact: 04 283 6577

10. Dinette Kitchens

Dinette Kitchens

Dinette Kitchens is a popular restaurant in the heart of Dubai’s bustling City Walk area. The restaurant offers a variety of international cuisine with a focus on healthy and organic options. If you are health-conscious, this restaurant should be on your list of must-visit places. Their menu includes several healthy options that are both delicious and nutritious. Moreover, their outdoor seating options offer an excellent way to enjoy the beautiful weather while savouring their famous signature burger or crispy calamari. In short, Dinette Kitchens is an excellent option for anyone looking for a healthy yet delicious meal in Dubai’s City Walk area.

Address: Citywalk Boulevard, Happiness St – Dubai.

Contact:  04 332 2395


Dubai is a melting pot of cultures and an unbeatable food scene. City Walk is one of the hottest spots for dining in Dubai, with restaurants offering everything from local cuisine to international favourites. The top 10 restaurants on our list are the perfect destination for casual and fine dining experiences. From Farzi’s to Dinette Kitchens, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant neighbourhood. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your next night out and indulge in some of the best food that Dubai has to offer!

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