What IT Solutions Are the Best for Your Company?

What IT Solutions Are the Best for Your Company?

The power of information technology is enormous and almost each company in the world relies on it. There are so many solutions that sometimes it is difficult to pick up the right ones for your business. Which ones are the most effective and bring multiple benefits in post-implementation? Learn about top IT solutions to boost up your daily business routine.

Electronic Signature

Electronic signature

Do you want to act faster and more efficiently? Take a closer look at modern businesses whose work is based on IT tools. Let’s take into consideration Arab Emirates, where companies rapidly grow in strength. Electronic signature is one of the best IT Solutions in Dubai legally approved by governmental authorities. E-sign lets you work faster, saves a lot of time and increases productivity among labour units. You can seamlessly manage any document by placing an instant e-signature on all types of files.

Electronic Invoicing

Traditional handwritten invoices belong to the past! E-invoicing became mandatory in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since December 2021 – and this step is widely followed by other countries (including companies in Europe). This solution improves efficiency, saves tons of time and strengthens relations with business partners. It will give you about 80% of savings on paper, ink, postage and scanning costs, as each document is processed in a digital form. What is more, all invoices are securely kept online, and you do not have to store the paper files in numerous heavy filing cabinets.


Business documents must be stored in a secure place for a set amount of time, depending on legal regulations in your country. For many owners it means renting a dedicated space, which usually generates additional costs. E-archive is another great IT solution in Dubai. It is accessible by authorized personnel, who can easily find a specific file within a few clicks. What is more, it is also law compliant – if you need a solution that provides legal storage for long-term fiscal documents, agreements, and HR files, the e-Archive suite is a tool designed for your business.

Marketplace Suite

Marketplace Suite

This tool is dedicated to sales representatives and enables a two-way communication between the supplier and the recipients. Marketplace is a platform that enables to present current offer of the company, place order in real time, as well as provide information on payments, credit limits and logistic minimum. What is more, it is a great solution to present products that are in current promotion. This tool automates the ordering process, saving valuable time and money. It also eliminates the number of errors and enables to personalize the offer for specific users.

Which One is the Best for You?

Presented IT solutions are dedicated to large businesses who want to optimize processes, act faster and more effectively. Most of them have already been implemented, which resulted in better management and productivity. Which one suits you the most? Choose the best option and maximize your business effects as much as possible.

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