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If you plan a trip to UAE, chances are you have already thought about nol card. Nol card is a card that gives citizens of UAE a debit card without having a bank account. It has an essential balance and a limit for daily transactions. If the balance falls below a certain amount, the card will stop being valid. If you’re planning a trip to UAE or want to experience life in the country, we’ve got everything you need to know about nol card, how to get it, its features and more. Let’s begin!

What is a nol Card?

What is a nol Card

The nol card is a smart card or an electronic ticketing chip issued by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai. It can store prepaid funds so the user can use it whenever required. This makes it a convenient way of paying for public transport in the UAE. However, a nol card isn’t just a card with a particular value – it’s also written as نول(Noel) in Arabic, which translates to fare. This means it’s a contactless debit or credit card developed by Octopus Cards Limited.

The nol card comes in two types, silver and gold. A silver nol card is available at the cost of Dh50 and can be used for public transport anywhere within the metro system of Dubai. Meanwhile, gold nol cards are costly at Dh250 but can be used across metro systems in the UAE.

Why nol Card important in UAE?

Why nol Card important in UAE

The nol card is a convenient and secure way to pay for public transportation in the UAE. It’s a card similar to a bank card that can be used as a bank account. It can be loaded with money online or at a nol office and topped up using cash from any nol office. It can be used to pay for rides on buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation in the UAE.

The nol card is a convenient way to avoid carrying a purse or wallet when traveling around the country. -It eliminates the need to carry a purse or wallet, as the card can be used like a bank account.

The nol card also allows users to make payments using their cards at various places such as government services, supermarkets, restaurants, fuel stations, theme parks, and convenience stores. The card is an easy and secure way to pay for public transportation in the UAE.

How to purchase a nol Card?

Nol cards are a popular way to travel in the UAE. The nol card program was developed by the Hong Kong company Octopus Cards Limited. There are two types of nol cards, the nol silver card and nol gold card. Both cards provide similar features but with different prices and benefits attached. In general, nol gold card is a better option than nol silver card because it includes additional features such as gold-class metro seats and an e-purse Balance of AED 19.

To purchase a nol card, you can go to a ticket office, machine, RTA customer happiness centers, authorized sales agents, or online. The nol card program has been around for several years, but it is still a popular payment method for online purchases for many reasons.

First, a nol card does not require bank account details or a credit score like debit cards. This makes it easy for people without a bank account to make online payments. Second, nol card allows people to make payments without incurring fees or interest charges.

Various types of nol cards are available in the market, such as e-purse balance Nol Silver Card and e-purse balance Nol Gold Card. However, if you have any questions regarding nol cards or other payment methods in the UAE, please don’t hesitate to contact Transport Advice.

How to Check nol Card Balance?

To check the nol card balance, you can check the Balance using several methods. The easiest way is to use a card at a vending machine. You can also use an SMS to check the Balance.

You can also check the nol card balance online. To do so, visit the RTA website and click on the “Public Transport” tab, there you can find various service options for nol cards. You can select the exact option of what you’re looking for. To check the nol Balance, click “Check nol Balance” and enter your card number.

How to Check nol Card Expiry Date?

How to Check nol Card Expiry Date

There are three types of nol cards, and they are silver, gold and blue. A blue card will contain expiry data on itself, and the silver and gold card holders can check their expiry date on the ticket counter or on the machines.

How to Transfer nol Card Balance?

  • You can transfer funds from a nol card to another card by visiting any nol ticket office located in metro stations, bus stations and select retail outlets.
  • You can also transfer Balance from one nol card to another online. To do this, register both the nol cards in your account. After registering both the nol cards, you can log in to your account and select “transfer balance” option.
  • You can also call the rta customer service helpline to transfer your balance online.
  • Note that you must have a valid nol card number and a valid mobile number or email ID to complete the transfer process online.
  • Also, make sure you have the correct balance on both cards before transferring.

What is the Minimum Balance in nol Card?

The minimum balance required to keep the ‘Nol card’ activated is AED 7.50.

  • The Nol card is a smart card or an electronic ticketing chip issued by the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai.
  • The Nol card can be used by the holder when using public transport like trains and buses in Dubai.
  • To use nol card, the holder must tag it on or off at e-terminals or e-gates in buses and metro stations.
  • The nol card must be credited with funds before travel, or the passenger cannot use it.

Therefore, a nol card balance of AED 7.50 is required to activate the card. In case of any query, you can contact RTA’s customer care number via website or call center.

How to Recharge nol Card Online?

How to Recharge nol Card Online

If you have a nol card but still wish to recharge it online, you can follow the below steps to do the same.

  • You can recharge your nol card online through the RTA website using a link provided by the RTA.
  • You can top up to Dh150 using this option. However, the maximum top-up amount is subject to change by the authority.
  • Recharge your nol card online by entering your NOL tag ID and email address.
  • Recharge online can take up to 24 hours to be credited to the NOL card account.
  • You can renew your nol card online by following the guidelines provided by the RTA.

Depending on how often you use a nol card, recharging it online could save you time and money in the long run.


Nol Card is a smart card that helps you manage transport costs easily. nol card has a balance of 10 AED and can be topped up online or at nol card centers. It can also be transferred between nol card cards and transported across the nol card system. We hope the points mentioned above help you understand nol card better!

FAQ – How to Check nol Card Balance?

FAQ - How to Check nol Card Balance

How can I use nol card balance online?

To check the balance of your nol card online, visit the website of the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai and enter your card number and PIN. After verifying your identity, you can view your nol card balance and recharge it through various means such as ticket vending machines, smart kiosks, grocery stores, and more. You can also use nol card for public transport by inserting it into a card reader on the bus or train. However, if there is a balance remaining on your card after using it, it must be credited before further use. In case of an insufficient nol card balance, you can request a nol pass through an SMS.

Can I use nol card after expiry?

Yes, the Nol card is a contactless smart card that can be used for public transport in Dubai. You can check your Balance and recharge it through ticket vending machines, customer care centres, or NFC smart services that allow users to tap their smartphones. You can also get the Nol Pass emergency service which allows you to pay bus fares using SMS.

Can two people use the same nol card?

Two people cannot use the same nol card for public transport in Dubai. The nol card is a contactless chip developed by Octopus Cards Limited, a Hong Kong-based tech company. The nol card can also be used for other non-transport purposes, such as paying for petrol, groceries, and utility bills. To check the Balance of the nol card, it must be tapped at the entrance of metro stations. Alternatively, the Balance of the nol card can be checked online through the RTA website.

Can I transfer money from nol card to bank account?

Unfortunately, transferring money from a nol card to a bank account is impossible. Customers can only request a refund of the remaining Balance at any station with a ticket office. Refunds will be processed as soon as possible, but only sometimes immediately. Funds must first be credited to the nol card before travelling [102, 103, 104].

Can we travel in bus without nol card?

Yes, bus riders can use a NOL Pass to pay for bus fares without an NOL card.

To obtain a NOL Pass, send “nolpass” to 7704. The validity of an NOL Pass is 3 hours and can be extended for an additional 3 hours. The cost of an NOL Pass is 10.53 AED plus VAT.

The Red Ticket is a paper-based ticket that can be used for ten or fewer journeys, as a monthly pass, or for unlimited one-day trips.

Can we travel in Dubai bus without nol card?

Travelling in a Dubai bus is impossible using any other card or cash, as all transport fares are paid using a Nol card.

A Nol card is a smart card or an electronic ticketing chip issued by the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai. It is mandatory to credit the card with funds before travel otherwise, the passenger cannot use it. The card must be tapped on or off at the e-terminals in buses and e-gates at metro stations.

What is the best nol card in Dubai?

When it comes to the best nol card in Dubai, there are a few options that you should consider.

Silver Nol cards: These cards are ideal for people who frequently use public transport in Dubai, as they come with several discounts and benefits. With a Silver Nol card, you can get discounts on bus, train, and metro fares and enjoy free entry into many attractions and facilities in Dubai.

Gold Nol cards: If you’re a frequent shopper or traveller, a Gold Nol card may be a better option. With a Gold Nol card, you can spend more at over 2000 retail stores across Dubai without worrying about incurring any surcharges. You also get exclusive benefits like discounted car rental rates and airport lounge access.

Red Nol cards: If you only need to use public transport occasionally or need to purchase tickets for events like concerts or exhibitions, a Red Nol card may be the perfect smart card for you. These cards come with several convenient features, such as online booking, balance checking, and rechargement options through authorized agents.

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