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At ClickDo, the smart minds, Fernando Raymond and Dinesh Kumar VM has a new web application for the Dubai lovers. The

Dubai, the vibrant heart of the United Arab Emirates, is a city that never ceases to evolve and fascinate, with its dynamic blend of traditional allure and futuristic innovations.

In a city that moves at the speed of light, staying updated with the latest news, insightful stories, and practical tips is essential for both residents and visitors alike. Recognizing this need, digital visionaries Fernando Raymond and Dinesh Kumar VM, from ClickDo digital agency, have launched an innovative web platform: This platform is dedicated to bringing the pulse of Dubai directly to your fingertips, covering an extensive range of topics from travel and business to entertainment and finance. Your Gateway to the Heartbeat of Dubai stands out as a comprehensive source of information, designed to cater to the diverse interests of its audience. Whether you’re a business professional seeking the latest market trends, a traveler in search of the city’s hidden gems, or a local resident wanting to stay informed about community events, is your go-to resource. Its user-friendly interface ensures that readers can easily navigate through various sections, making the process of finding relevant news enjoyable and efficient.

A Vision for the Future: From Web to Mobile App

The ambition behind doesn’t stop at its current web-based platform. In the coming months, Fernando Raymond and Dinesh Kumar VM are set to expand its reach by transitioning into a mobile application. This strategic move will make accessing news and stories about Dubai even more convenient, allowing users to stay connected with the city’s latest developments, no matter where they are.


Here are a few reasons why is quickly becoming a favorite among its users:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: From breaking news and in-depth articles to lifestyle tips and entertainment news, covers a wide range of topics to keep its readers well-informed and engaged.
  • Up-to-Date Information: The platform is constantly updated, ensuring that its audience stays ahead with the most current news and stories.
  • User-Centric Design: The web platform is designed with the user in mind, offering a seamless and intuitive browsing experience.
  • Future-Ready: The upcoming transition to a mobile app demonstrates the founders’ commitment to leveraging technology for greater accessibility and convenience.

Join the Community

As Dubai continues to grow and evolve, invites you to be part of this journey. Whether you’re interested in the economic pulse of the city, looking for leisure and travel advice, or want to stay abreast of the latest cultural events, is your premier source for everything Dubai.

In conclusion, by ClickDo digital agency is more than just a news platform; it’s a bridge connecting you to the heart of Dubai.

With the exciting transition to a mobile app on the horizon, staying informed and connected to Dubai’s dynamic rhythm will soon be easier than ever.

Explore today and discover the myriad facets of this astonishing city through the eyes of those who know it best.

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