Small Business Savvy: Crafting Effective Discount Email Campaigns

Small Business Savvy: Crafting Effective Discount Email Campaigns

Because of digitization, small businesses have it a lot easier these days. Online marketing channels such as email allow them to connect with countless potential customers. Plus, the cost is minimal, making it a feasible marketing strategy for many.

In case you haven’t heard, an email campaign’s return on investment is $36 for every dollar spent. So, small businesses with limited resources can easily employ the medium for marketing and to boost sales.

If you would like to know more about running a discount email campaign, this post can help. By the end, you’ll know exactly what to do in 5 easy steps.

1. Calculate Your Profit Margins

Calculate Your Profit Margins

The first thing you need to do is to determine your profit margins. Carefully calculate what you can afford to avoid losses.

Crunch the numbers to understand if your small business can afford to offer discounts without putting itself in a financially difficult position. You can choose from a wide range of promotions like free shipping, a fixed percentage discount, discounts for subscribers and sign-ups, and buy-one-get-one deals.

Remember, these offers will be the main message of your email campaign, so being vigilant about what you advertise is crucial. If you later decide that your discount isn’t viable and don’t fulfill it, it can lead to a loss of credibility. So, be diligent and thorough during this step.

2. Target the Right Audience

Attracting the right audience is as important as gaining new customers. Take some time to understand if your offers will attract the customers your business requires. Whopping discounts will probably draw in bargain shoppers who may be challenging to turn into long-term customers.

The best way to avoid customers who aren’t part of your target market is by making the discount available to loyal customers first. It can be a reward for their loyalty. Then, you can slowly introduce it on other platforms to gain new customers.

3. Create Compelling Emails

You need a catchy subject line to attract customers. When your customers click on the email, they may quickly glance through it, so ensure it’s not too text-heavy. Keep the sentences short and crisp, and avoid fluff.

Create Compelling Emails

A combination of text and visuals is the best way to draw customers in. But don’t overdo it because a busy email might detract from your intended message. Instead, keep your emails aligned with your brand and always include a call to action (CTA). This will encourage conversions.

If you’re a small business looking for easy ways to design emails, check out PosterMyWall. They have a wide range of small business email templates—all highly customizable, affordable, and easy to access. You can change the colors and text while implementing other creative ideas to make the template your own.

4. Set a Timeline

You may be tempted by your projected profits to run your promotions for an indefinite period. Don’t give in to the temptation.

Firstly, you’ll take a hit on your profit margins in the long run. Second, customers will start to question your products’ quality. So, always set a fixed timeline for these discounts.

5. Promote Your Discount Campaign

When communicating with your customers about the discount, use multiple platforms. Besides email, use social media and physical stores to get your market’s attention. Send email blasts to existing customers and use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to redirect people to your website.

Promote Your Discount Campaign

This is also an effective way to build your email contact list for future campaigns. Also, by using other channels, you can reach a wider audience and generate more interest.

Other Tips for Your Discount Email Campaign

Besides these points, here are some things you should consider when launching an email campaign.

  • Don’t over-communicate. If you send emails too often, people may begin disregarding what you send, and your email may go directly to the spam folder. Consider sending a teaser, an announcement when your discount begins, a reminder during the sale, and another reminder before it ends.
  • Encourage signups via social media or your website to gain new customers.
  • Try to automate messages where you can. Emails like welcome messages or confirmations can be automated. Prepare these messages in advance and get them automated so you have one less thing to worry about.


Email marketing is a powerful tool, especially for small businesses. It promises an exceptional ROI through small investments. But remember, sending out pointless emails and hoping for results is not the way to go.

Strategize, select your message, choose other platforms, and make your email and copy attractive. After the campaign has ended, track your results so you know what to do and what not to do for your next campaign.

With this guide and some careful planning, you can launch an email campaign about your discount that’s profitable while gaining the attention of your target market.

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