How to Check FAB Balance? – FAB Bank Balance Check

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of FAFHA – the Federal Automated Clearing House Association. An association arranges payment for federal government facilities and agencies, such as the postal service, bank deposits, and tax refunds.

But have you heard of FAB bank? Recently, it has been gaining traction because of its partnership with FAFHA. This bank allows its customers to enjoy faster financial services at a reduced cost. In this blog, we will tell you all about how you can benefit from having a FAB bank debit card and credit card, integrate your online banking with it, and check your balance online too. We will also tell you how to get a statement online.

How to Activate FAB Debit Card by SMS?

How to Activate FAB Debit Card by SMS

Send an SMS to 2121 in this format ‘CACT <space> (last four digits of your credit card) <space> (four-digit PIN of your liking)’.

If you are not registered to the SMS service, download the FAB Mobile Application from the App Store for iPhones or IOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android Phones.

Use the FAB Mobile Application to Create an Account and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the activation process.

  • Log in to FAB’s official website at and select Personal Online Banking (UAE).
  • Use the Prepaid Card Enquiry System to activate your card by SMS.

Under ‘Activate Prepaid debit card by sms’, choose ‘Enter card details’ and enter your card number, customer ID number, or credit card number to activate your prepaid card.

The procedure should be completed within 10 minutes of receiving the SMS.

How to Redeem FAB Points?

  • You can redeem FAB points for a variety of rewards, such as tickets, travel, and merchandise.
  • You can redeem your points through the FAB mobile app on your smartphone.
  • You can redeem your points at selected FAB branches depending on your location.
  • You can contact FAB customer service to inquire about redeeming points. In addition, they can help you learn more about the various ways to redeem your points.
  • Alternatively, you can log in to your FA balance online to redeem your points.
  • You can also use your points for nonfinancial transactions, such as food at select cafes or restaurants. Finally, you can use your points toward purchasing FAB bank cards or other financial products the bank offers.

This way, you can get value from your Redemption points in many ways.

How to Activate FAB Credit Card?

How to Activate FAB Credit Card

  • If you have a FAB credit card, you can easily activate it online by signing up at
  • Once you’ve created an account on the website, follow the instructions to create a Ratibi account and link your debit/customer ID/credit card number to it.
  • Once you’ve done this, you can use your FAB credit card like any other debit or credit card. Now all you need is to make a purchase and follow the payment steps as per your card provider’s guidelines.
  • You can also activate your FAB credit card with a prepaid Ratibi card if you already have one. This can save time and effort as you don’t have to set up an account and link your bank account details with a debit/customer ID/credit card number again.

How to Check FAB Balance?

You can check your FAB bank balance on their official website. To do so, go to ‘’. Here, you must enter the last 2 digits of your card number and Card ID. After entering the details, click on the ‘Go’ button to view your balance.

How to Get FAB Bank Statement Online?

  • You can download the last 12 months’ statement using these 2 methods
  • FAB Mobile – Go to ‘Cards’, select the card, and scroll down to the ‘Download E-statements’ tab
  • Online Banking – Click on ‘Credit Cards’, select the card, and now click the ‘Download Statement’ tab


There are a couple of ways to check your card balance and account history. Checking via the website or calling customer service is the quickest and most straightforward way. Additionally, checking at an ATM can be done if your card is accepted there.

FAQ – How to Check FAB Balance?

FAQ - How to Check FAB Balance

How Can I Check My ATM Balance Online?

You must first set up an online account with the prepaid card issuer to check your balance online. After you have login credentials and verify your identity, you can check your balance or recent transactions through the issuer’s website or customer service phone system.

You may also get your balance using a merchant or ATM approved by the prepaid card issuer. Make sure to contact customer service before your trip if they need information about the ATM or merchant you are trying to use.

Finally, always check your balance at the official sources of your prepaid card issuer. This means going to their website, contacting customer service on a phone line, or visiting an ATM where they are accepted.

How Do I Check the Balance on My FAB E Dirham Card?

To check the balance of your FAB e-Dirham card, you can visit the website or contact the e-Dirham G2 subscriber service centre. The number for the e-Dirham G2 subscriber service centre is available on a toll-free number. You can also check the balance by visiting the UAE’s First Bank of Abu Dhabi branch. In addition, you can reload the card via FAB branches in the UAE, e-Dirham distribution channels, and e-Dirham G2 ATMs/CDMs.

Can You Check Balance at ATM Without Card?

You can check your balance at an ATM using a prepaid card, but you may be charged a fee. For instance, some bank ATMs charge a $3 fee for transactions made with a debit card.

Moreover, automated customer service and text message options might be available free of charge to check your balance. Just make sure to confirm with your card issuer if they have any fees in place for checking your balance at an ATM. Your cell phone provider may also charge fees for text messages related to checking your balance.

How Do I Check My Card Usage?

You can check your card usage by visiting the website or calling customer service on a toll-free line. You can also check your balance and account history at an ATM where they are accepted.

How Can I Check if My Card is Active?

Contacting your card issuer’s the customer support phone number and asking if your card is active is one way to check. On the back of your card, this number is usually listed. This is the quickest and simplest way to check the condition of your card, except for a few seconds of hold time.

How Do I Find My FAB Account Number?

FAB website: Use our IBAN Generator tool to get your IBAN. On the Home Page, you’ll find your FAB Mobile IBAN.

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