How to Check Du Number? – Easy Steps to Find Your Du Number

If you’re a Du frequent flyer, you must’ve encountered a situation where your phone number is not working. If yes, that means you have a Du number.

Du numbers are mobile phone number blockages that occur when a telecom company or a mobile network cannot provide the number to a customer. In Du cases, the customer cannot get a service from one or more networks. For example, Du happens if a mobile network blocks your phone number or a service provider deactivates your SIM card. Read to find out how Du happens, what Du app can do to help you solve Du-related issues, and how Du can help you stay connected with your loved ones without having to keep switching SIMs every now and then.

How to Check Du Number? – 5 Simple Methods

The steps to check Du number are SIMple and easy. If you are a mobile number holder, you can dial a short code on the dial pad to check your Du number.

If you have a mobile connection, you can also send an SMS requesting to check Du number. If the SIM card is not removable, then you can use the SIM card slot to check Du number. You can also visit any service centre or contact centre to check Du number easily. Besides, if you want to track your Du number, then there is no harm in using Du app. It allows you to know details related to your Du numbers, such as location, mobile number, network name, and IMEI. Lastly, these SIMple steps suffice if you are a mobile number holder and want to find a number easily. Below listed are the five SIMple methods to find your Du number,

1. Use Missed Call

Use Missed Call

If you are a mobile phone user looking for a way to check your Du number without internet or mobile data, a missed call service can help. This service allows you to check your Du number without internet or mobile data by making a missed call to a friend or family member. You can use this service from any phone with a voice and SMS app installed. But, of course, you need to have another phone with you to receive the missed call. Besides, it is free, and the service has no cost. So, it’s a great way to stay connected to your friends and family, even when you’re on the go. The Du app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play store.

2. Use USSD Code

Use USSD Code

To check your Du number, you can use a variety of methods. You can use the USSD code to check your Du number or send “Getmymsisdn” as a text message to 9296. If you have the Du SIM number, you can use it to view details about the SIM owner and check the status of your Duvets. Alternatively, if you are using a mobile phone, dial *116# from your Duvet and follow the instructions. The Du official app also allows you to check your number from anywhere in the world.

3. Official Du App

Official Du App

The DU official app helps users track their mobile numbers, check Du balance, and manage their packages. Users can use the app to see the history of their phone calls and SMS, view internet usage, and change their phone numbers. Besides, it also tracks data usage and allows users to top up their balance using short code *135#. It is a convenient app for mobile users who are looking to save time and money while managing their mobile plans.

4. Check Your SIM Box

Check Your SIM Box

To check your SIM card, you can open the SIM card tray and look for a number called a code (it is usually 3 digits). Once you have found it, enter the number in your mobile phone’s dialer. If everything is in order, you will receive a confirmation message from your mobile provider.

5. Contact Helpline

Contact Helpline

If you want to Check your Du number, there are several ways to do so. You can call the Du helpline number free of charge to find out your Du SIM number. Alternatively, you can recharge Du data plans online or via a mobile app. You can also recharge your Du prepaid balance through Payment Machines, Credit Transfers, Easy Top-ups, e-Vouchers, and scratch cards. These steps will help solve the issue of many people living in the UAE. If you need any help with Check your Du number or any other mobile-related issues, reach out to us at any time

Important Things to Remember Your Phone Number

To find your Du number, you need to have a phone number. It’s a unique number assigned to a mobile phone by mobile operators.

You can write the number on a piece of paper and keep it handy for easy reference.

You may also share it with friends and family to help you remember it.

You can also put the number on business cards or on a website.

This will make it easy for people to find your number. Saving the number as a contact on your phone is also an effective way to memorize the number. Use the DU app regularly to make your number visible and ensure that it is easily retrievable.

How to Check Du Number Owner?

The Du number is a phone number assigned to a mobile phone user in the UAE. It allows you to make and receive calls without having to pay for them. The number is also used to access certain services and features on the phone. To check the Du number owner, dial *155# from your phone. This will get you the SIM owner details for free. You can then check the SIM owner detail through the Du self-care portal. Log in and follow the on-screen instructions to get the SIM owner details. Contact customer support for more information if you have any questions or concerns about using your Du number. Finally, use the Do Not Call Registry to ensure your privacy.


The Du number is a unique number assigned to a student by DU. It can be used to access mobile services and call emergency help in case of an emergency. So, next time when you hear a call from Du number, don’t try to guess who is calling; pick up the phone and dial 100 for help. Remember that Du number is a student number, and it is not a number from a mobile service provider.

FAQ – How to Check Du Number?

FAQ - How to Check Du Number

What is the Difference Between Du and Etisalat Number?

Difference between Du and Etisalat numbers,

Etisalat and DU are the two main telecom providers in the UAE. DU customers can transfer their credit balance to Etisalat in two ways. First, customers can transfer money internationally from Etisalat and DU accounts to other networks.

What Does Etisalat Number Start With?

Etisalat is a telecom company with a long history in the UAE. It provides a range of services, including the ability to send money to another Etisalat number.

Customers can dial *121# and press the call button to send money to an Etisalat number. The receiver will receive a confirmation SMS once the transaction is completed.

Etisalat numbers typically start with 050, 052, 054, or 056.

Is SIM Number Same as Phone Number?

The SIM number and the phone number are two different things. To check the SIM number, you may call the Du Helpline. To check the Owner Details of the SIM, you can dial a special code or text the number to a specific number, depending on your network. For example, Vodafone customers can dial *#100# to get their number displayed. People can also text ‘MY NUMBER’ to 2732 if they are an Asda Mobile customer.

Is 0502 Du or Etisalat?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer credits from DU to Etisalat. The My Etisalat UAE application allows users to transfer money to any prepaid mobile number registered with DU. Balance transfer from Etisalat to DU can be done using the phone’s keypad.

Which SIM is Best in Dubai?

When it comes to choosing a mobile phone service in Dubai, the two most popular companies are Etisalat and DU. They offer a range of services such as prepaid and post-paid phone services, DTH plans and individual packages.

Additionally, both companies have a balance transfer service which allows people to transfer credit from one number to another. Additionally, both companies also provide customers with a range of credit cards with different benefits and rewards, such as cashback, no annual fee and travel benefits.

If you’re a tourist in Dubai and want a Virgin Mobile SIM at the airport, then you can get one from the company.

Which is Cheaper Etisalat or Du?

For consumers in the UAE, it is a dilemma which telecom provider to choose. There are two main providers in the Emirates, namely Etisalat and Du.

Both providers offer the service of transferring the balance from one network to the other. In addition, Du offers some of the best internet packages in Dubai, including their “unlimited data” plan, which allows customers to download as much data as they like for the duration of their contract. Furthermore, Du offers a Quick Pay payment method that is convenient for those who have a heavy mobile phone bill as it allows them to pay for their mobile phone bills with a single bank transfer.

Another advantage to using Du is that they offer a 0% introductory APR on all credit card transactions for the first six months.

What is 101 Number in UAE?

The 101 number in the United Arab Emirates is a number that can be used to contact the police, fire department, or medical services in case of an emergency. It can also be used to report a crime or request assistance. Additionally, you can use the 101 number to find out information about public services in the UAE.

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