How to Screen Record on iPhone?

Screen recording is a video-recording feature of smartphones that allows users to record their screens. So whether you want to record your tutorial for YouTube or create a funny video to send to your friends, smartphone screen recording is the way to go.

Besides recording videos, screen recording can come in handy when you want to take notes or play a game while recording.

In this blog, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about iPhone screen recording. We’ll cover how to do it, control center tricks, and how long it lasts. Finding out all this might take some time, but it will be worthwhile. Let’s get started!

What is Screen Recording?

What is Screen Recording

  • Screen recording is capturing video content from a device’s display. You can use it to capture video of your screen, audio from your device or environment, and even your gameplay.
  • With the default feature on an iPhone, you can record up to two minutes of video before the app automatically stops recording.
  • To record audio with the microphone, enable it in the app settings. The microphone is only available to devices with built-in microphones and apps approved by the Apple community.
  • Screen recording can be done on an iPhone with the feature or third-party apps. Check out popular third-party apps like Recode and app2iphone to get started with screen recording on your iPhone.

Why Use Screen Recording?

  • Screen recording is a great way to share short video clips of your screen or audio recordings of yourself speaking or playing music without needing to take a physical device.
  • It allows users to capture video content from any service and easily share the content with others without needing to purchase expensive editing software.
  • Plus, screen recording provides a low-cost way for beginners to learn video editing and create simple but functional videos quickly and easily.

How to Screen Record on iPhone?

How to Screen Record on iPhone

  • To screen record on the iPhone, open the Control Center by swiping down from the top-right corner or up from the bottom of the screen
  • From the control center, tap the ‘Record’ button to start recording your screen
  • You will see a three-second countdown before your recording begins, and after that, a red bar will appear at the top left corner to indicate that the recording has begun
  • To stop recording, swipe to the center of the screen to exit the control center
  • Screen recording will not include audio from Apple Music, but it can be included from third-party apps such as Spotify, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video
  • When you’re done recording, you can easily share your video with friends via email or any app supporting video.

How to Screen Record on iPhone Without Control Center?

  • To screen record on your iPhone 6 or later, you need first to enable the Assistive Touch feature in the Accessibility settings of your device.
  • To do that, open ‘Settings’ on your iPhone and go to ‘Accessibility’.
  • Once the feature is enabled, you will see a new icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Select the icon to start recording your screen using the three-second countdown.
  • The feature of Assistive Touch works like a tactile button to record your screen without using the Control Center.
  • You can record yourself speaking or showing an impressive gameplay sequence.
  • To start recording your screen using Assistive Touch, open the ‘Assistive Touch’ app and tap the ‘Device’ option.
  • Choose ‘Screen Recording’; a three-second countdown will start before the recording begins.
  • You can also start recording your screen using the Control Center of your iPhone if you want to avoid switching to Assistive Touch to record it.
  • After recording, you can stop the recording by pressing and holding the Home button on your iDevice for three seconds or by pulling down to dismiss Assist’s Touch from the bottom of the screen.

How to Screen Record on iPhone With Voice?

To record your voice while screen recording on an iPhone, make sure the microphone is turned on. In the app, you want to record, press and hold the screen recording button and start recording your voice.

Make sure to speak clearly when recording your voice, as the microphone will only pick up audio from the surrounding environment.

To record the sounds of an app, turn the microphone off and keep the ringer on. This will ensure that the audio you are recording is clear and consistent. To add the screen recording button to the Control Center, open the Settings app and tap Control Center. Under ‘General’> ‘Accessibility’> ‘Control Center’> ‘Record’, to add a screen recording button to your control centre, you would need to swipe up to access the control center and swipe down to access the screen recording button.

When recording your voice or sounds in an app with a screen recording feature, it starts recording automatically when you activate the screen recording option in any app using the control centre. To stop the recording, touch on the red bar at the top left corner of the screen to stop recording audio or sound of the app.

How to Record Green Screen Video on iPhone?

How to Record Green Screen Video on iPhone

  • Open the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone
  • Go to ‘Accessibility’
  • Select the ‘Green screen’ option
  • Tap the ‘Record Screen’ button to start recording green screen video
  • You can also use third-party apps to record green screen video. In particular, popular options include Words With Friends and iMovie.
  • To save clips of any game or show a family member how to do something on their phone, use the screen recording feature of the app.
  • Save your green screen video to your iPhone’s camera roll for future editing purposes.

You can easily add special effects and audio tracks to the recordings to create unique videos.

How Long Can You Screen Record on iPhone?

According to Apple, there is no limit on screen recording on iPhone. This means you can record whatever is happening on your screen to save the moments for posterity. Of course, recording can be interrupted if the smartphone gets too hot, but you can resume it as and when you want to.


It is to be understood that screen recording doesn’t just allow you to record the screen of your iOS device and the audio. If you want to capture the audio of your screen recording, you can use the microphone on your iPhone to record the audio of your screen recording.

However, to control the recording process, you will have to control it from another app or device. But there are third-party screen recording apps that allow control of your screen recording via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology. While screen recording allows you to record a video of your screen activity, audio recording also enables you to record the audio of your screen activity.

FAQ – How to Screen Record on iPhone?

FAQ - How to Screen Record on iPhone

Is there a way to screen record with sound on iPhone?

Yes, screen recording with sound is possible on iPhones running iOS 11 or later. Screen recording video capture, TechSmith Capture, Screen Recorder, +Live Stream Apps & Games, and Screen Recorder can be installed to help with screen recording. The microphone must be turned on to record sound with the screen recording. However, you must pay and buy the licensing fees to keep a song forever.

How do I record on my iPhone 13?

To start recording your screen on your iPhone 13, open the Control Center and click on the red button. Next, to add a voiceover to the recording, tap and hold the screen recording button and tap the microphone button to turn the mic on. You can also broadcast your recordings through a third-party app like Facebook or Instagram. In addition, the FlexClip online video maker can edit and customise your recordings.

How do I share my iPhone screen?

To share your iPhone screen with others, you can use the free ScreenPal app. This app lets you record your screen directly on YouTube or Google Drive. Upgrading the app to the full version allows you to share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even your website. You can also download videos in various formats such as MP4, AVI, and GIF to watch anywhere. Finally, you can also upload your videos to ScreenPal for collaboration. Ensure you install iOS 13.6 or later to use the iOS Screen Recorder.

Why screen recording has no sound?

Screen recording does not automatically record sound on your iPhone because the microphone is disabled.

  • To enable the microphone and sound recording, you must first long-hold the Screen Record icon until a microphone icon appears.
  • Afterwards, you can select to record audio or video, depending on the app you are using.

If you want to record audio with screen recording on Apple Music, you must upgrade to the app’s premium version.

Some third-party apps allow for screen recording for free, while others require an in-app purchase.

The length of screen recording varies depending on how much battery life and storage space is available on your device.

Do all iPhones have screen share?

Yes, most iPhones running iOS 11 or higher can screen record using the built-in features. This includes the iPhone 7 and up, the iPad Pro 9.7-inch, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and the 11-inch MacBook Air.

However, the built-in screen recorder only allows you to record audio and video without editing capabilities – which is why other screen recording apps are available on the App Store for iPhone users. Some apps include the ScreenPal iPhone screen recorder app, which lets users share directly to YouTube, Google Drive, and other social media platforms or websites. In addition, it allows users to download videos in various formats, such as MP4, AVI, and GIF.

Why can’t I screen share on my iPhone?

Screen sharing on iPhones generally isn’t supported by the default screen recorder, so you’ll need to download a third-party app like Screen Recorder or Share to record your screen.

  • Some third-party apps like Spotify and YouTube do not allow free users to screen share.
  • Apple Music does not allow screen sharing.
  • Screen recordings are saved in the Photos app by default, but other options exist when using apps like Record it!
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