How to Get MRN Number?

If you are an individual who is seeking medical care in the UAE, you will need to obtain a medical record number (MRN). This number is required to track your health information if you suffer a medical emergency. This blog post will provide instructions on obtaining an MRN number and explain its importance. We will also provide tips on how to protect your health information and take steps to ensure that it is always safe and accessible. So if you are looking for information on how to get an MRN number in the UAE, this is the blog post for you.

What is an MRN Number?

What is an MRN Number

The Medical Record Number (MRN) is a unique number assigned by the Health Authority of the emirate of Dubai to identify each patient’s medical record. It can be used for electronic health records and other electronic systems. The MRN is used to identify a patient’s medical record in all medical facilities and institutions in the Emirate of Dubai, including hospitals, clinics, laboratories, social and preventive medicine centres, pharmacies, and other health care providers. The MRN is also printed on all prescriptions issued to patients. The MRN can also be found on hospital discharge, and death certificates issued to patients upon death in Dubai’s emirate. The MRN serves as a critical identifier for healthcare providers in the emirate of Dubai, helping them ensure efficient and effective patient care.

Are MRN Numbers Unique?

The medical record number (MRN) is a unique identifier assigned to each patient by the hospital. This number tracks the patient’s medical records and ensures that their information is correctly linked. The MRN can be found on the patient’s ID bracelet, chart, or paperwork.

Importance of Medical Record Number

Importance of Medical Record Number

A medical record number (MRN) is a unique identifier assigned to every patient by a healthcare provider, such as a physician or nurse. This number can be used to track and manage a patient’s health record and medical history. Sometimes, the MRN can identify and contact patients in an emergency. The importance of having a medical record number depends on several factors, including the type of healthcare practised, the region in which it is provided, and the level of care provided. For example, if you have surgery at a local hospital, your medical record number will likely be kept on file.

However, if you are being treated by a specialist at a larger hospital or speciality centre, then your MRN may not be as important. The MRN can also become more critical in certain situations. If you experience an emergency or have questions about your health, your MRN can help identify you and ensure that you receive the appropriate care or follow-up visits.

How to Get MRN Number?

How to Get MRN Number

Here are the steps to get an MRN on the DHA website,

Step 1: Go to the DHA website, and log in using your Emirates ID.

Step 2: Enter your Emirates ID, and click Next.

Step 3: Create an MRN by clicking on MRN Registration on t the screen.

Step 4: Get OPT and generate a new MRN by entering your contact details and pressing Submit.

Are Private Insurance Linked to Emirate ID?

If you need to create an MRN number without an Emirates ID, you can email You must include your full name, date of birth, nationality, and passport number in the email. You will also need to provide a reason for requesting an MRN number without an Emirates ID. Once your email is received, a DHA representative will review your information and get back to you with further instructions.

Are MRN Numbers Universal?

Different healthcare systems maintain their patient records and assign patients unique medical record numbers (MRNs). As a result, patients do not have a universal MRN that can be used across all healthcare settings. When a patient receives care from multiple providers, each provider will need to obtain the patient’s MRN from the previous provider to access the patient’s medical record

How Can I Change My MRN Number in UAE?

How Can I Change My MRN Number in UAE

If you want to change your MRN number in the UAE, you’ll need to visit an ICA customer happiness centre with your original passport and Emirates ID. The process is straightforward – you’ll just need to fill out a form and provide documentation. Once your new MRN number is issued, you’ll be able to use it for all your dealings with the UAE government.

Are All MRN Numbers the Same?

The Medical Record Number (MRN) is a unique numeric identifier given to a patient’s medical record. The MRN can be found on the patient’s hospital wristband, chart, and insurance card. Each hospital has its own unique numbering system for the MRN. Healthcare providers use the MRN to access the patient’s medical record.


If you are a resident of the UAE and require a medical record number (MRN), you should contact your health insurance company or local hospital. Your MRN will help improve your healthcare efficiency and make it easier for you to access medical records.

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