Top 10 Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is the place to be if you want a culinary adventure. The city boasts some of the best restaurants in the world, catering to all tastes and preferences. Dubai has everything from high-end fine dining experiences to casual eateries. We have compiled a list of the top 10 restaurants in Dubai that are worth a visit.

With options ranging from contemporary Emirati cuisine to Japanese robatayaki, this list has something for everyone. So whether you’re a foodie looking to explore new flavours or just looking for a great meal, these restaurants will tickle your taste buds and leave you wanting more!

Top 10 Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai Airport is home to some of the finest restaurants in the world, with a diverse range of cuisines and dining experiences. TABŪ is a must-visit for its creative fusion dishes that blend Middle Eastern and Asian flavours. One Life Kitchen & Café (JVC) is another hidden gem known for its wholesome, healthy food made with locally-sourced ingredients.

Tribes offer an authentic taste of Africa, while Trèsind Dubai redefines Indian cuisine with its innovative molecular gastronomy techniques. Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet is perfect for a quick bite or coffee break between flights. Rhodes W1 by Michelin-starred chef Gary Rhodes serves British classics with a modern twist, while ROKA offers contemporary Japanese cuisine in a sleek setting. Finally, Clay is an intimate Spanish restaurant perfect for date night or a quiet dinner with friends.



Modern Middle Eastern cuisine takes centre stage at TABŪ, located in the heart of Dubai. Diners are treated to a contemporary take on traditional dishes that use local, organic ingredients sourced from the region. One unique feature of TABŪ is its open kitchen, allowing diners to witness the skilled chefs preparing their meals right before their eyes.

In addition to offering various vegetarian and gluten-free options, the restaurant boasts a stylish bar area serving up an array of unique cocktails and mocktails, making it the perfect spot for those seeking an innovative twist on classic Middle Eastern flavours.

Address: 23rd Floor at The St.Regis, Downtown Dubai


Phone: 052 950 1309, 04 456 9455

2. One Life Kitchen & Café (JVC)

One Life Kitchen & Café (JVC)

One Life Kitchen & Café (JVC) is a popular dining destination in Dubai, offering various healthy and organic food options. The restaurant’s emphasis on fresh ingredients and flavorful combinations makes its menu ideal for health-conscious diners. With a focus on vegan and gluten-free options, the café caters to various dietary preferences.

One Life Kitchen & Café’s cosy ambience and outdoor seating make it an ideal spot for casual dining or catching up with friends. In addition, the café hosts various events, such as cooking classes and workshops, creating a lively atmosphere for food enthusiasts.

Address: Dubai Design District (D3), Building 5


Phone: 04 513 4727

3. Tribes


Tribes restaurant in Dubai offers a unique culinary experience that blends African, European, and Asian flavours. The restaurant’s traditional African décor adds to the ambience while diners enjoy a menu featuring locally sourced ingredients and exotic meats like crocodile and ostrich. Tribes also boast an impressive wine list featuring many South African wines. It is a shopping mall restaurant.

For those looking for an authentic taste of Africa, Tribes are a must-visit destination. With its unique blend of flavours and cosy ambience, this restaurant is perfect for groups looking for a memorable dining experience in Dubai.

Address: TRIBES, 2nd floor, next to Vox Cinema Mall of The Emirates, Dubai, UAE


Phone: +971 (0)4 395 0660

4. Trèsind Dubai

Trèsind Dubai

Trèsind Dubai is a restaurant that truly elevates Indian cuisine to new heights. The fusion of traditional flavours with modern cooking techniques results in incredibly satisfying and visually stunning dishes. With its theatrical presentation and innovative menu, Trèsind Dubai offers a culinary experience.

From the molecular gastronomy-inspired Chocolate Garden to the flavorful Mutton Pepper Fry, each dish is carefully crafted with attention to detail. The ambience is equally impressive, with elegant decor inspired by South Indian and Middle Eastern cultures. So it’s no surprise that Trèsind Dubai has received numerous accolades and continues to be one of Dubai’s most sought-after dining destinations.

Address: Arabian Court, One&only Royal Mirage, Dubai


Phone: +971 4 374 6661, +971 5 6420 9754

5. Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet

Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet

Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet, located in the Dubai Mall, offers an extensive range of dishes, including traditional French cuisine and international favourites. The restaurant’s chic décor and stunning views of the Dubai Fountain create a relaxing atmosphere perfect for romantic dinners or family-friendly dining experiences.

Guests can also enjoy an impressive selection of wines from around the world to complement their meals. Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet is a must-visit restaurant on any foodie’s list with its delicious food, elegant ambience, and excellent service.

Address: Galeries Lafayette is located in The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai.


Phone: +971 4 339 9933

6. Rhodes W1

Rhodes W1

Rhodes W1 is a Dubai restaurant that combines the best British and French cuisine with a modern twist. The head chef, Gary Rhodes, has earned a Michelin star for exceptional culinary skills. The restaurant’s ambience is elegant and sophisticated, reminiscent of the 1920s London era. With indoor and outdoor seating options, diners can enjoy breathtaking views of the Dubai skyline while indulging in their meals.

One unique aspect of Rhodes W1 is their extensive wine list featuring some of the finest wines worldwide. As you sip your glass of wine, take in the stunning views. The restaurant offers a perfect blend of exquisite food, remarkable service, and breathtaking views – an experience worth having. So if you want to treat yourself to an unforgettable dining experience, check out Rhodes W1.

Address: Grosvenor House, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Phone: +971 4 317 6000



Introducing the art of contemporary Japanese cuisine, ROKA is a must-visit restaurant in Dubai. Offering an extensive sushi, sashimi and robata-grilled meats and seafood menu, the restaurant showcases traditional Japanese flavours with a modern twist. Their signature dish, black cod marinated in yuzu miso, is a treat for seafood lovers.

The sleek and modern ambience of ROKA is further enhanced by its floor-to-ceiling windows that offer stunning views of the city skyline. With exceptional service and meticulous attention to detail, ROKA will leave you craving more.

Address: The Opus by Omniyat – Level 1, Business Bay, P.O.Box 333638, Dubai, UAE


Phone: +971 4 439 7171

8. Time Out Market

Time Out Market

If you’re looking for diverse culinary experiences, Time Out Market in Dubai Airport is the perfect spot. This food hall features some of the city’s best restaurants, all in one place. From authentic Lebanese to Italian pizza, there is something to satisfy every palate.

The market boasts an eclectic atmosphere with communal seating, making it an ideal setting to catch up with friends or meet new ones. The chefs are passionate about their craft and use only the freshest ingredients to create their dishes. So come hungry and leave satisfied after exploring the delicious offerings at Time Out Market.

Address: Downtown, Souk Al Bahar – Downtown Dubai – Dubai


Phone: +971543752421

9. Clay


Indian cuisine is a feast for the senses, and Clay is one of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai that captures the essence of traditional and authentic dishes. The restaurant’s interiors recreate a village setting with clay walls and floors, which enhances the dining experience.

Clay’s menu offers various vegetarian and non-vegetarian options from different regions of India, such as biryani, tandoori chicken, and butter chicken. Indulge your taste buds while enjoying stunning views of the Burj Khalifa from their indoor or outdoor seating options. Experience India’s flavours at Clay, leaving you craving for more.

Address: Bluewaters Island, Dubai.


Phone: 04 422 5600



Transport yourself to the heart of China at TÀN CHÁ, a contemporary Chinese teahouse and restaurant at Dubai Airport. TÀN CHÁ offers an extensive menu of traditional Chinese dishes infused with modern techniques and flavours. From dim sum to Peking duck, each dish is meticulously prepared using the freshest ingredients, making it a culinary delight for your taste buds.

The dining room’s minimalist decor and warm lighting create a cosy atmosphere that allows you to immerse yourself in the dining experience fully. To complete your meal, try one of TÀN CHÁ’s signature teas or cocktails that perfectly complement the dishes. With its exceptional food, impeccable service, and inviting ambience, TÀN CHÁ is a must-visit for anyone looking for an authentic Chinese dining experience at Dubai Airport.

Address: Dubai, JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, UAE.

Phone: +971 56 681 8881


Dubai is known for its culinary diversity and quality. So whether you are a resident or a visitor, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to dining out. From TABŪ to Clay, the top 10 restaurants in Dubai offer an array of international flavours, ambience, and service that are sure to impress even the most discerning foodies. So treat yourself and your loved ones to a culinary adventure that will leave you wanting more.

FAQ – Top 10 Restaurants in Dubai

FAQ - Top 10 Restaurants in Dubai

Where must you eat in Dubai?

Dubai is a food lover’s paradise, with many must-try restaurants. Zuma, La Petite Maison, and Nobu are top-rated restaurants offering delicious cuisine.

For a unique dining experience, head to At.mosphere on the 122nd floor of Burj Khalifa. Al Fanar Restaurant & Café or Seven Sands are great options if you’re looking for traditional Emirati cuisine. And for some delicious street food, check out Ravi Restaurant or Bu Qtair Fish Shack. Whatever your taste buds crave, Dubai has something to offer everyone.

What is the most popular food in Dubai?

Dubai is renowned for its diverse culinary scene, so it is difficult to pinpoint one particular “most popular” food. Emirati cuisine features matchbooks, a spiced rice dish with meat or fish, while Arabic mezze, such as hummus and tabbouleh, are also popular.

In addition to local cuisine, international cuisines like Indian, Lebanese, and Italian are widely available and celebrated in Dubai. With such a vast array of options available, there is something to suit every palate in this vibrant city.

How much does dining cost in Dubai?

The cost of dining in Dubai can vary greatly depending on the restaurant and type of cuisine. Fine dining establishments can cost upwards of 500 AED per person, while mid-range restaurants typically range from 100-200 AED per person. Casual dining options and street food are generally more affordable, ranging from 20-50 AED per person.

When budgeting for dining out in Dubai, it’s important to factor in additional costs such as taxes, service charges, and tipping.

Do you tip in Dubai?

Tipping is not mandatory in Dubai, but it is generally appreciated. Some restaurants may include a service charge in the bill, so checking before tipping is always a good idea. For good service, a 10% tip is generally acceptable.

In addition, rounding up the bill amount to the nearest whole number as a gesture of goodwill is also common practice.

Can you drink Dubai tap water?

Drinking tap water in Dubai is generally not recommended as it is desalinated seawater and may have a different taste and higher mineral content than you are used to. However, bottled water is widely available and affordable in Dubai, making it a safer option for drinking.

While some restaurants and hotels may offer filtered or treated tap water, confirming with staff before drinking is always best to ensure your safety.

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