UAE Launches Metaverse: A Virtual Hub that Captivates Experiences!

Our communication with people has shifted to a virtual environment from video and phone calls. And do you know what this virtual hub is known as?

Yes, it’s Metaverse that brings everyone closer to a world where they can shop, learn, work, interact, and even live virtually while arriving in their avatars.

And the most jaw-dropping thing is that ‘e&,’ a UAE-based leading technology group, launched ‘e& universe,’ the first-ever Metaverse of this region, that is all set to captivate people worldwide and create unforgettable experiences with the future of interconnected realities.

What’s more?

Well, that’s what we will reveal in the rest of the post. Emerge yourself in this blog and get ready to relish the content inside. Also, forge meaningful connections with one another by moving into the Metaverse world with the help of a top React Native app development company.

Metaverse: A World Where Innovation Exceeds

A World Where Innovation Exceeds

The term Metaverse is “the next iteration of the internet or the next evolution in social connection.”

Yes, that’s what many experts talk about it. Technologies like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain are some critical components of the Metaverse that form a single, shared, immersive, persistent, 3D virtual space where humans can elevate their life experiences that they cannot possibly do in the physical world.

That’s not it!

Metaverse offers multiple business opportunities through its immersive environment, so almost all industry verticals plan to adopt it just like ‘e&’ did with the launch of ‘e& universe,’ the first-ever Metaverse of the UAE region.

What is ‘e& Universe’?

The launch of the virtual world by ‘e&,’ formerly known as Etisalat Group, at the technology exhibition GITEX in Dubai has brought new hopes for the country to become a global leader in the Metaverse.

Even Omar AI-Olama, minister of state for digital economy, artificial intelligence and remote work applications, said, “We have a goal of making Dubai one of the leaders in the Metaverse globally.”

Visitors who joined the exhibition using ‘e& universe’ (Metaverse) during the launch can purchase NFTs, and digital assets, watch virtual concerts and sporting events, and indulge in other digital experiences in a few years. To make e& universe a perfect suit for audiences where they can interact in multiple ways, e& is working closely on its plans.

Why Companies are Hopping on the Metaverse Bandwagon?

Why Companies are Hopping on the Metaverse Bandwagon

Not just big but small enterprises also are shifting their focus and reliance on Metaverse which could help the global Metaverse market to reach $1,527.55 billion by 2029 while growing at a CAGR of 4.76%.

Interesting, right?

Let’s dive deep and learn why Metaverse has become a prominent way for businesses to take a ride toward an exceptional journey.

1. Enhanced Brand Awareness

What about the thought of doing your product launch on Metaverse?

You will connect to more audiences, and the virtual setup will increase your brand awareness among consumers. Besides, there is a lot more that you can churn out from the Metaverse. Such as:

  • It does not come with any capacity limits
  • Attendees can enter from the comfort of their house or office without travel or food expenses.
  • Instead of watching the product, the attendees can feel and explore it using their avatars.

2. Higher ROI

It will be a higher ROI for the organization when it does not require spending on the preferred space to arrange a meeting, as everything can be done virtually.

What else?

Metaverse simplifies calculating ROI on immersive worlds and events while providing a larger dataset into metrics like the number of visitors, conversation rate, dwell time, and community engagement.

Techugo, a terrific mobile software development company in Saudi Arabia, has been helping eCommerce, fintech, and healthcare entrepreneurs get the most out of Metaverse while building an app integrating the top technologies.

3. Improved Engagement

Due to the immersive experience that Metaverse provides, businesses can ensure a closer relationship with their customer by interacting with them on a more personal level.

Even customers can explore various businesses and understand their products and services in a way that is impossible in the real world. Here are some more benefits that Metaverse provides in terms of customer engagement. Such as:

  • Businesses can build a closer relationship with customers and employees
  • Get insights that help them fine-tune the customer experience.
  • Enhance creativity and productivity.

4. More Remote Work Capabilities

Metaverse brings more opportunities for entrepreneurs to handle remote work environments. No matter how far and in which countries the managers and coworkers are located, they can enter into the Metaverse, collaborate effectively, and discuss issues in various environments that can be customized. Also, it offers vast opportunities for online learning and distance education.

5. Reduced Environmental Emissions

Metaverse is a virtual hub that ensures zero need to travel as people can meet and interact virtually in their preferred environment. Therefore, there will be reduced travel emissions and decreased carbon footprint.

Virtual and hybrid events for business will also reduce noise pollution caused by speakers due to the virtual setup in Metaverse.

Even research articulated that the Metaverse can help curb or reduce global warming. So, not only Metaverse possesses a tremendous adventurous ride into a whole new world, but it also takes care of Mother Earth.

Shift your Business to Metaverse with Techugo

Shift your Business to Metaverse with Techugo

Now, it’s the moment you should learn how to create a metaverse and take your business for the multiple benefits it brings.

So, follow the steps here:

1. Get the right platform

Among all the available versions of the Metaverse, like non-fungible tokens (NFTs), real estate, gaming, etc., you have to find which one is the suitable suite, and for that, you have to do proper research that includes:

  • What are some top metaverses worldwide?
  • Which one will my audience like?
  • Will the Metaverse attract end-consumers to my products or services?
  • How will I fit my business into the virtual setup?

Once getting the answers to these questions, you are ready to make a significant move with Metaverse.

2. Reboot Online Presence

Today, most businesses are available on social media, websites, app stores, or product-selling platforms instead of being present only in brick-and-mortar stores.

You also must have a robust online presence before moving your business to the sphere of the tech world because how will you invite your users to Metaverse when there is no mean between you and your users through which they can connect seamlessly?

Instead, they will have issues finding information about your business, and your Metaverse presence will be useless. So, while taking support from an on-demand app development company like Techugo, create a website or an app for your business that will help you gain an online presence. Also, don’t forget to build a social media account if you don’t want to miss out on any opportunity that Metaverse can bring.

3. Develop AR/VR Apps

Consider these two robust technologies, AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality), while building an app for your business because it is the amalgamation of these technologies and others that create something exceptional like Metaverse.

According to a survey, 75% of businesses plan to utilize AR/VR in their apps, so it’s what you should do to let your customers start enjoying the main component of Metaverse. You can begin your endeavour with VR headsets that are in huge consumer demand.

4. Choose the Right Audience

What’s your target audience?

This is essential to answer to ensure a good customer experience so they will keep coming back to your Metaverse for the new services or products you offer.

For instance, if you have a fashion store, target only those people who are more in fashion and styling. Social media can be a great help for you to connect with them.

5. Improve Experience

People can see the products while remaining in this physical world.

So, why would they opt for the Metaverse if it also does not allow them to wear, feel, try, and experience things?

Therefore, if you have a store, make it available in two dimensions, and the same goes for a game, let the controls stimulate real-life actions. You become all set to provide a great experience to your consumers in Metaverse when you know what they need the most. It will also help enhance customer retention.

Start Today and Transform Your Business Presence with Metaverse!

Business Presence with Metaverse

Virtual tours, exhibitions, fashion shows, and whatnot?

With the power of Metaverse, you can have everything on your plates to provide consumers with immersive experiences. The digitally empowered world has more to bring us, and this is the moment you should grab it and make the most.

Let’s work on a grand scale for your Metaverse and bring some incredibilities to this world. Have any further doubts or queries?

Get in touch with the experts of Techugo, a mobile app development company in Dubai, and turn possibilities into realities.

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