How to Change Emirates Id Mobile Number? – Easy Steps To Change

Are you tired of receiving important messages and notifications on an outdated mobile number linked to your Emirates ID? Don’t worry! Changing your Emirates ID mobile number is easier than you think. You can quickly update your contact information with just a few simple steps. In this blog post, we will walk you through the process of how to change emirates id mobile number hassle-free. So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn how to stay connected with ease!

How to Change Emirates Id Mobile Number?

How to Change Emirates Id Mobile Number

Changing your registered mobile number with the UAE’s Emirates ID can be done in person at a Customer Happiness Centre of the ICA located in the emirates. To change your mobile number on emirates id online via the ICP app or website, you must report any changes to your id card within one month of changing your number.

When changing your registered mobile number, a processing fee will likely be charged at a customer happiness centre. However, changing your id number in person is a simple process that involves a few steps and does not require special documents or verification. You must bring a copy of your passport, visitor visa, and current emirates id to the Customer Happiness Centre and make the necessary changes.

Changing mobile numbers on emirates id is hassle-free, and you don’t need a passport or visa. You can also do this online by following the steps mentioned on the emirates id website or app. However, it is essential to report any changes to the emirates id cards within one month of making them. Otherwise, processing fees may be charged at a customer happiness centre.

How to Change Mobile Number in Emirates Id Free?

If you’d like to change your phone number in your Emirates ID for free, you must visit an ICA Customer Happiness Center to avoid any delays or complications with card services. In addition, the centre will help you update personal and contact information promptly to ensure security and convenience when purchasing or accessing government services.

How to Change Mobile Number in Emirates Id Online?

How to Change Mobile Number in Emirates Id Online

It is possible to change your mobile number in your Emirates ID online. To do so, follow the steps below,

Step 1: Visit the Ica Smart Services Website

As stated in your Emirates ID, enter your current nationality. The form will require you to enter your File No. as soon as you input your nationality. You can find your file number above your passport number on the resident visa.

To enter their file number, residents in Dubai must pick from one of three sections, and residents from other emirates may use the 4 Sections Number.

  • Enter the Emirates ID number
  • Fill in your name in English as mentioned on your Emirates ID
  • Enter your passport number
  • Fill in your date of birth as per the DoB on your passport
  • Mention the last date of entry into UAE stamped on your passport
  • Enter your email address

A new form will emerge below the first, requiring you to put your mobile number and the correct address once you finish it. Next, the registered mobile number is assigned to a box. Enter your new mobile number here; you will receive an OTP to verify your identity. Enter the OTP and complete the captcha and click on proceed.

Step 2 – Review Your Application

You may examine and update your information here. But first, double-check all the data you’ve entered to ensure it’s correct.

Step 3 – Payment

You are directed to the page where you may finish your payment after completing the forms. AED 52.10 is the charge for changing your Emirates ID’s mobile number.

You’ll get an email with a payment invoice after completing this step. Within 3 to 7 days, your phone number will be changed.

To learn if the update has been applied, you can check the status of your Emirates ID. You’ll get a refund if your application is rejected.

How to Change Mobile Number in Emirates in Smart Police Station?

ICA/EID authority centres around the UAE can also be used to update directly. The EID holder’s physical presence is required to have both an EID and a passport. The ICA/EID will prepare an amendment application, and biometrics will be captured when they request the update to be completed.


Because of mobile phones, virtually any activity can be conducted online. As a result, the number of mobile phone users in the country is increasing, and if you want to take advantage of it, the best way is to change your number. Not only will it help you avoid unwanted calls and texts, but it will also make your life more convenient and efficient.

FAQ – How to Change Emirates Id Mobile Number?

FAQ - How to Change Emirates Id Mobile Number

How Can I Change My Mobile Number in Emirates Id Using Uae Pass?

To change your mobile number in Emirates ID, you can do so through the UAE Pass website. First, log in to your account and select ‘Emirates ID Services’ from the menu. From here, you can select ‘Update Mobile Number’.

Next, enter your new mobile number and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

You can also change your mobile number at any ICA Customer Happiness Centre in the UAE. Make sure to bring a copy of your passport, UAE residence visa, and current Emirates ID with you when you make the change.

How Can I Link My Emirates Id With Phone Number?

If you want to link your Emirates id with your phone number, you can do so online through the ICA smart services website.

Please note that once you have linked your id and mobile number, any changes you make to your id card must be reported within one month at ICP. So, for example, if you change your address, you must report this change to ICP within one month.

How Can I Change My Mobile Number in Ica Online?

To change your mobile number in Ica Online, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the ICA website and enter your new mobile number to update your personal information.
  2. Submit your application and make the payment.
  3. Report any changes to your ID card within one month to the ICP.
  4. Provide information including full name in English, nationality, date of birth, passport number, present active email address, and latest entry date on the ICP website.
  5. Enter your most recent mobile number with the proper country code and deposit the processing fee.

How Many Sim Registered on My Emirates Id?

Please transfer ownership to a friend or family member with at least five SIMs registered on their Emirates ID to ensure you keep all numbers.

How Do I Change My Details With Emirates?

It is mandatory to report any changes to your ID card within one month to Emirates in the UAE. You must bring your original passport and Emirates ID to an ICA customer happiness centre in the UAE to change your details. According to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA), you must update personal information within one month of the change.

To update this information, individuals should visit an ICA customer happiness centre with their original passport and Emirates ID.

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