How to Change Etisalat Wifi Password?

Getting a faster internet connection with the help of WiFi has become a norm. Most homes and offices have WiFi nowadays, and many people rely on it to access the internet. However, you can only sometimes depend on your WiFi network for fast internet. This is because each device requires a unique password, and most users tend to lose track of it. But fret not, as we’ve got you covered. This tutorial will tell you everything you need to know about how to change Etisalat WiFi password. And yes, we’ll be covering guidelines too!

How to Change Etisalat Wifi Password?

How to Change Etisalat Wifi Password?

If you are using Etisalat UAE Wifi, it is essential to change the password periodically to ensure security. This helps prevent unauthorized access to your internet connection. Also, you must log in and follow the instructions to change the Etisalat router wifi password.

A router is a network device that connects your computer or other devices to the internet. You can use it to set up a secure wireless network in your home. It is also important to reset the Etisalat router if your old one does not work properly or has been damaged.

To do that, turn off the power of your modem or router and wait for five seconds before connecting the Ethernet cable between them. Once done, follow the reset procedure given by the device’s manual to change the Etisalat router wifi password.

You must also ensure you have recharged Etisalat and installed a proper gateway router for optimum performance and fast internet speed.

Guidelines to Configure Your Etisalat Router

To get the router to work properly and have fast internet speed, you must install it correctly. Follow the step-by-step instructions for installing your router so that you can get the most out of it:

  • Through one of your modem’s four LAN ports, connect the Etisalat router to your computer
  • For a while, turn off and then on your computer, router, and modem
  • You must tap the Setup Wizard button on the router configuration page.
  • Open your Etisalat router’s IP address in a web browser to obtain the router settings.
  • Wait for the router to save your settings after you tap on ‘Next.’
  • Use Etisalat’s default username and password
  • Please change it to whatever you desire and then log in with it.

Basic Steps to Change Your Etisalat WiFi Password

Basic Steps to Change Your Etisalat WiFi Password

Changing your Etisalat WiFi password at least once a month is recommended to avoid security risks. It is also vital to ensure the proper performance of your Etisalat router and fast internet speed. When changing your Etisalat router WiFi password, following the instructions in the user manual is important. Here are some easy steps to help you change your Etisalat password smoothly:

  • Type the Etisalat router IP address into the address bar of a browser
  • Click on ‘Enter’
  • Type the Admin account default password
  • Now you can Enter a new password
  • Click on ‘Finish’

These steps mentioned above will solve your query, and if you are still facing issues while trying to change your Etisalat password, get in touch with experienced professionals.

How to Change Dlink Wifi Password?

Follow these steps to change the WiFi password on a D-Link router.

  • Enter your Dlink router IP address in the browser
  • You will be directed to a login page, here enter your admin password
  • Select the Wireless Settings link from the Web configuration interface after clicking “Setup.”
  • Click on the ‘Manual Wireless Connection Setup’
  • Now enter your new password and click on the ‘Finish’ tab


As you can see, changing your device’s password is very easy. You have to follow a few basic steps. However, if you are having problems changing your password, you can contact customer care. They will be able to help you out. Remember that passwords are case-sensitive and cannot be longer than eight characters.

FAQ – How to Change Etisalat Wifi Password?

FAQ - How to Change Etisalat Wifi Password?

How can I get my Etisalat router username and password?

To get your Etisalat router username and password, first, ensure they are printed on the back or bottom of the router box or manual when you set it up. Once you have your username and password, follow these easy steps to change your WiFi password:

  1. Access your router’s admin panel by going to the address on your router’s packaging or inside the manual.
  2. Click on “WiFi” and then “Password.”
  3. Type in your new WiFi password in the field and click “Change.”
  4. Ensure your new password is secure using upper and lower case letters and special characters. If you experience any problems with remembering your password, remember that you can always recover it by following these steps:
  5. Reset the router by pressing the reset button on the back or bottom for 5 seconds.
  6. Enter your new Etisalat username and password into the login fields, and hit “Enter.”
  7. After logging in, press “Yes” to reset any custom settings on the router.

How do I find my 192.168 1.1 username and password?

If you need to log in to your Etisalat router, type in the following address into your web browser:’ll need to use the admin username and password.

To change your Etisalat WiFi password, follow these simple steps:

  1. Connect your router to your computer using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Open a web browser on your computer and type in your router’s IP address.
  3. Enter the username and password for your router.
  4. You’ll be asked to choose a new administrative password. Make sure you write down this information for later!
  5. Once inside the router’s web-based configuration interface, click the Wireless tab and enter the new WiFi password.
  6. Click on Advanced Settings and then on Wifi Security to change the security level of your network.
  7. Finally, make sure that you Save Changes at the bottom of the page before exiting the web browser.

How do I change my Etisalat router settings?

To change Etisalat router settings, first, ensure that the router is properly installed by following the instruction guide provided by the manufacturer. If you are having any issues with the installation process, resetting the router may solve the issue. Refer to the instructions provided by Etisalat services for how to reset the router.

Once the router is properly installed, you can access its settings by entering into a web browser and using login credentials. The password for accessing router settings can be found under Wireless > wlan2 > Security > Pre-Shared Key. To change the Wi-Fi password, go to Wireless > wlan2 > Security > Wireless Settings and click Apply Changes.

Is Wi-Fi password same as admin password?

To create a unique wifi password for your Etisalat router:

  • Use the default username and password and change it to your choice.
  • Follow the instructions for logging in and changing your Etisalat router wifi password.
  • Reset your Etisalat router to change your wifi password.
  • Changing your Etisalat router’s wifi password is important for security reasons and can be done using a step-by-step procedure.

Is it possible to check a Wi-Fi password?

Yes, checking a Wi-Fi password on an Etisalat router is possible. Changing your router’s Wi-Fi password for security reasons is important. It would help to use upper and lower cases and special characters for a secure Wi-Fi password on Etisalat.

Two simple ways to change an Etisalat Wi-Fi password are available. First, resetting the router is an option to change the password. Information about changing the Wi-Fi password on an Etisalat router is provided online.

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