How to Deactivate All Services in Etisalat UAE? – Etisalat Subscriptions and Cancellations

Good network coverage in UAE is one of the critical factors determining if you’ll stay connected. One of the main reasons for being cut off from the internet and calls is the service provider. Fortunately, there are several methods to deactivate services in Etisalat. Let’s cover all topics on how to deactivate all services in etisalat uae.

Etisalat Services

Etisalat Services

Etisalat provides several services for its users. These include balance transfers and balance checkers from Etisalat to other prepaid mobile numbers abroad, local balance and data sharing, international balance transfers, active service checks, and deactivation of services.

Using Etisalat’s services, users can transfer their balance to local and international numbers. They can also check their active services and deactivate them to stop balance deductions from the minimum balance. Etisalat offers its users hundreds of valuable data packages, call plans, and SMS packs. They can choose from a wide range of plans to fit their needs and budget.

They can also use the app to manage their account easily and conveniently. With such a wide range of services and features, Etisalat is a reliable option for those looking for a prepaid phone service with a global reach.

How to Check Active Services in Etisalat?

  1. You can install the Etisalat app and click on the manage button to check active services.
  • Log in to your account
  • Tap on the top-right corner to open the profile management tab
  • Scroll down and locate the “notifications” tab
  • Click on the ‘Account-related notifications’ option to view and edit your email address
  1. You can dial *123# and go to ‘My Account’ section to check all your active plans on Etisalat.
  2. You can contact Etisalat’s customer service hotline and ask for assistance if the call-waiting service is not working.
  3. You can check the active services by talking to a representative from the company.

How to Deactivate Third-Party Services in Etisalat?

Third-Party Services in Etisalat

Log on to and disable your Autopay registration to deactivate third-party Etisalat services. Alternatively, go to the closest Etisalat store/Business Centre for assistance.

How to Deactivate All Services in Etisalat UAE? – Different Methods and Easy Steps to Follow

If you are a subscriber of Etisalat services in UAE, it’s essential to know that deactivating all services is easy. First, users can install the Etisalat UAE app or use its shortcode on their devices to access the app and make the necessary settings.

This app allows users to check subscription details, active packages and services and deactivate them as desired. Additionally, they can cancel individual packages or services by using the app. Alternatively, they can do so through the official My Etisalat UAE app. With this app, subscribers can easily access all subscription-related information.

The app allows users to manage their subscriptions and services easily. Besides, it gives them easy access to their service hours and profiles. It also helps them view the usage details for each service.

You can also dial *101# to subscribe or unsubscribe to a range of add-ons like data booster, roaming add-ons, internet calling plan and other services or by visiting any Etisalat Business Centre or outlet.


With so many options available to you, it’s easy to realize that services are a necessity in today’s day and age. And with such a vast network of services, Etisalat has made it easier for you to manage your subscriptions and cancel them simultaneously. But if you want to deactivate data services, follow our steps and methods.

FAQ – How to Deactivate All Services in Etisalat UAE?

How can I cancel an active subscription?

It is possible to cancel an active subscription with a minimum commitment period as long as you have not used all of the services offered by the subscription. However, an early exit charge of one month’s payment or AED 1,000 (whichever is the lowest amount) is applicable. Therefore, cancellation of any one-time pack is not reasonably possible.

To cancel subscriptions, check the subscription terms and contact customer service. Cancellation is made by updating the subscription settings and unsubscribing from the service. Ensure all required steps of the cancellation process are completed before leaving the service.

How do I unsubscribe from Etisalat add-ons?

unsubscribe from Etisalat add-ons

To cancel your Etisalat Add-ons, log on to My Etisalat UAE App or send a cancellation SMS as below:

  • For New Freedom 200 & 225 plans, send an SMS: CC A50 to 1012
  • For New Freedom 325 & 375 plans, send an SMS: CC B50 to 1012
  • For New Freedom 600 & 700 plans, send an SMS: CC C50 to 1012

You will receive an SMS notification upon successful cancellation.

How do I turn off auto-renewal on Etisalat?

To turn off auto-renewal on your Etisalat number, dial *123# and press 1. After that, you can check active services by clicking on the manage button on the app. You can then cancel all auto-renewals by dialling *170#. Lastly, remember that your account will have a 10-day grace period to recharge before it is disconnected from the service. After the grace period, your account will be automatically disconnected.

How do I unsubscribe from the Etisalat App plan?

To unsubscribe from the Etisalat App plan, text “C COM35” to 1012.

  • You can also manage your account for accessing, roaming, and data packs by dialling *101#.
  • We recommend permanently deactivating your Etisalat sim card if you are leaving UAE.
  • To unsubscribe from the Etisalat Video store, you must call Etisalat UAE customer care service.

How much does it cost to cancel Etisalat?

You’ll be charged one undiscounted monthly recurring fee of AED 299 if you decide to terminate your service before the Minimum Term.

How do I find hidden subscriptions?

hidden subscriptions

The most common way to find hidden subscriptions is by checking your bank account or credit card statement. Subscriptions may have been added without your knowledge and will appear as charges on your statement.

Another way to find hidden subscriptions is through app store account records. Apps may have been automatically subscribed to services or products without your consent, and these subscriptions may have yet to be cancelled or updated as you may have expected them to be.

Regarding email newsletters, you may have signed up for a subscription but have yet to receive any confirmation email or notification about the upcoming renewal date. In this case, it might be worthwhile to contact the customer service of the company to which you subscribed to inquire about any hidden subscriptions.

Lastly, you should log in to your online account and check your subscription history to see if there are any subscriptions you had no idea about. This information can help decide whether or not to keep a subscription active.

Why is my Cancelled subscription still active?

Cancellations of subscriptions are not immediate and may take time to process. Cancellations of one-time packs are not possible. You may eliminate all Etisalat active subscriptions by calling 101 or reading a comprehensive guide. Not all cancellations are immediate and may take time to process. Check all subscriptions for active status after pressing ‘cancel’.

How do I manage my subscriptions?

To manage your Etisalat active subscriptions, please call 101 and follow the prompts to cancel all active subscriptions or log in to My Etisalat App to manage your subscriptions.

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