Top 10 IT Companies in Dubai- Driving Digital Transformation

While companies in the Middle East and North Africa region are still in the early stages of digital transformation, it is a strategic imperative for companies to be digital-ready and competitive. With the UAE’s vision of becoming one of the global leaders in the digital economy by 2030, companies are encouraged to be on the cutting edge of digital technology.

If you’re wondering why companies should be digitally driven, we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’re sharing information about 10 companies that are driving digital transformation in Dubai. They’re changing the way organizations work and have a huge impact on customers and society at large. Read ahead to gain insights into our top picks for IT companies in Dubai.

Top 10 IT Companies in Dubai- Driving Digital Transformation

1. Xicom

Top 10 IT Companies in Dubai- Driving Digital Transformation

Xicom is an ISO 9001:2008 certified software development company based in Dubai with a team of 300+ IT professionals. It offers exceptional services for global clients, including web applications, mobile apps, IT consulting, and software development. Xicom Technologies is a CMMI Level-3 and ISO 9001-certified firm with offices in New Dehli, Dubai, and San Francisco. It develops software for companies worldwide with a proven track record of success. Given its experience and expertise, it has been able to deliver high-quality services at affordable costs.

Its clients can be assured of high-quality work delivered on time and within budget. Besides, it has been able to maintain its innovative edge by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and techniques. As a global firm headquartered in Dubai, Xicom ensures the consistent quality of services it provides across geographies and industries.

Address: 301-10 Opal Tower, Business Bay Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Contact: +971 529144795

2. Intellias


Intellias is a multinational technology company based in Ukraine, with branches in Dubai. It ranks among the top 10 IT companies in Dubai in 2023, according to Honeywell International Inc. (, IBM Middle East, Xerox Emirates LLC, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), and SAP Middle East & North Africa are a few other well-known IT firms in Dubai. Companies in Dubai Internet City include Vodafone, Canon, Dell, Siemens, and more. Intellias specializes in developing software solutions for digital transformation and big data analytics. This includes solutions for blockchain development, machine learning, and data science.

Its products are used by major companies across various industries including finance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and government. These products help enterprises of all sizes easily integrate digital solutions into their existing business operations. Intellias is a global software development organization with offices worldwide that focuses on cutting-edge technologies for its customers. Its recent projects include blockchain development and data science solutions. With over 10 years of experience in developing software solutions for digital transformation, it has become one of the leading IT companies in Dubai today.

Address: Unit 201, Level, Gate Avenue -South Zone, Dubai International Financial Centre


Contact: +971562012215

3. Fingent


Fingent is a leading technology company in the MENA region with more than 1,000 employees across six offices in four countries. It ranks among the top 10 IT companies in Dubai for growth prospects for 2023, according to Honeywell International Inc. Fingent offers software development services such as automation and DevOps consulting, information security solutions, and digital marketing services to its customers. The company has experience developing software solutions for digital transformation, big data analytics, and machine learning. Its products are used by companies of all sizes across various industries including banking, retail, healthcare, and government. Fingent is a global technology company with offices in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

Address: DSO HQ Building, 4th Floor, C Wing – Dubai Silicon Oasis HQ Building – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


Contact: +971 (04) 501-5951

4. Fluid Codes

Fluid Codes

Fluid Codes is a technology company that focuses on digital transformation services. It offers software development, big data analytics, data science, and information security solutions to its clients. It has offices in the UAE and Saudi Arabia and counts companies of all sizes among its clients. Fluid Codes is a global company with experience in developing software solutions for digital transformation, big data analytics, and machine learning.

Address: Office 407/408, Mazaya Business Ave BB1, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Contact: +971 (0) 4330 8666

5. Imcrinox


Imcrinox is a top IT company based in Dubai and it is backed by one of the biggest companies in global technology services, iZotope. This IT giant has offices across the world, including the Middle East, North America, and Europe. It employs 24,000 people worldwide to drive digital transformation for companies globally. Imcrinox’s clients include fortune 500 companies like IBM, Tata Consultancy Service (TCS), and

It also caters to smaller SMEs looking for high-end technology services. Other top IT companies in Dubai include, IBM Middle East, Xerox Emirates LLC, SAP Middle East & North Africa, and Honeywell International Inc. MMCY Tech is a renowned BPO company based in Dubai that offers digital and social media solutions for companies to optimize their brand communication objectives. With its expertise in various industries such as financial services and technology consulting, Imcrinox is well-versed in the digital transformation of organizations globally.

Address: DMCC Exit – 29 Sheikh Zayed Rd – Jumeirah Lake Towers – Dubai


Contact: +91 9740150191

6. Andryan IT Solutions

Andryan IT Solutions

Andryan IT Solutions is a software design company that offers web development, software design, and marketing consulting services to companies in the UAE. It has offices throughout Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and Bidoon as well as branches in Qatar and Oman. Its clients include some of the biggest names in sectors such as retail, banking, and telecoms.

Address: Dubai Outsource City, G-01, Ground Floor, Al Shaiba Building, Post Box 502671 – Manama St – Dubai


Contact: +9714 44 84 314

7. Al Kendi Computer Systems

Al Kendi Computer Systems

Al Kendi Computer Systems is a company that specializes in information technology services, including software development, web design, and digital marketing. It has offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well as local affiliates across the UAE. The company has experience working with companies of all sizes, from SMEs to established enterprises.

Address: SM 18B3, New Al Safiya building, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Contact: +971 4 296 4454

8. Kualitatem


Kualitatem is a global software consulting firm in Dubai that provides services of independent quality assurance testing and information security auditing. Kualitatem works with companies to create software products of high quality and maintain them continuously. Kualitatem has worked with companies like Amazon, IBM, Xerox, TCS,, and SAP for years to help them build software products of high quality.

Intellias is a data-driven consulting firm in Dubai that helps clients design and implement digital transformation programs. It provides end-to-end services including strategy development, design and development, implementation, and post-implementation services. Intellias helps companies integrate technology into business processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Startups and Fortune 500 firms from a range of sectors, including banking, e-commerce, financial services, healthcare, and travel & tourism, are among its clients.

Address: Office 404, Building B, AlSaaha Offices, Souk Al Bahar, Old Town Island, Burj Khalifa District, PO Box 487177, Dubai


Contact: +1 415-644-5060

9. First Bit

it companies in dubai

First Bit is a software developer and global IT integrator with over 100 locations, including one in Dubai. With complete business management software and all-encompassing IT outsourcing services, First Bit has been assisting companies with process transformation and streamlining for more than 25 years. In addition to accounting, HR, financials, payroll, sales, inventory management, CRM, distribution and manufacturing operations management companies, industry-specific automation, and business workflow optimization, First Bit has designed and built over 50 solutions for various business sectors.

Address: Damac Executive Heights – Office 1607 – Barsha Heights – Dubai


Contact: +971 4 439 6900

10. Rubius

it companies in dubai

Rubius is a global leader in IT consulting and services. It offers diverse solutions to businesses of all sizes through its expert team of software developers, big data analysts, web developers, and cybersecurity experts. Rubius has experience working with leading organizations across multiple industries, including banking and financial services, retail, healthcare, and government. Its comprehensive digital solutions have helped businesses achieve their digital transformation goals, such as increasing efficiency and visibility, streamlining operations and processes, and developing new revenue streams.

Rubius’s strong network connections and relationships with leading businesses across the world make it a reliable partner for businesses seeking IT solutions. This includes its membership in the CIO Council, which brings together IT leaders from various industries to discuss key issues affecting the industry. In addition to its domestic operations, Rubius has offices in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and South Africa that allow it to provide services to businesses of all sizes globally.

Address:0167-2701, The Prime Tower, Emaar Blvd, Business Bay, Dubai


Contact: +971 (50) 258-3712


With the digital transformation of companies becoming more and more real, it is essential for companies to select the best companies in the field of digital transformation. Each company has its own way of digital transformation, but it can be said that most of them use technology to change their business processes. Therefore, it is essential to select the best companies in the digital transformation field and get stellar services from them. However, it is crucial to choose companies that deliver value-based solutions and not just technology-based ones. Further, it is vital to understand that it takes a village to make the digital transformation successful. If you are looking for an expert company to help your business transform into a digital one, visit the above-mentioned companies. They have helped many companies across industries digitalize their businesses and have experience in helping others do the same.

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