How to Check Salik Balance? – Advice for UAE People

When driving a car, a tag identifies the account from where the car has been borrowed. This account tag is called Salik Account Tag. Salik account is applicable for people who want to recharge their phones in Emirates, such as Etihad and fly-Doha airlines. It also helps people pay fines and bills at tolls, gas stations, parking, etc. Read on to learn about salik tag and how to check Salik balance.

What is Salik Account Number?

What is Salik Account Number

  • The Salik account number is a unique account number that a customer can use to access the electronic toll collection system of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).
  • Through the Salik account number and PIN, customers can log into their Salik account to view their account balance, pay tolls and register tags.
  • Customers can also access Salik account details through the ‘My Profile’ settings in the Salik app or website.
  • Customers can register for a tag online at or by calling the Salik self-service number 800-Salik(72545).
  • The account number of a Salik customer must be unique and must not be duplicated or re-used.

A customer’s Salik account number is found on the right side of their salik account page, while account details are also accessible through ‘My Profile’ settings in the salik app or website. Customers can also get their account number registered with RTA if they have a tag number issued by the authority.

Where to Buy Salik Tag?

  • Salik tag is a rechargeable electronic toll tag used to pay tolls on roads in the UAE. It has a unique identifier that can be used for online payments or receiving salik credits at petrol pumps.
  • You can buy Salik tags online from various e-commerce platforms or petrol stations. The cost of a salik tag varies depending on its brand, the number of transactions made with it, and the number of days left before its validity expires.
  • You can also opt for a Salik recharge card with a prepaid credit of AED 50, which can be purchased from various outlets in the UAE.
  • You will receive the Salik tag and a recharge code when you opt for an online purchase. Connect the tag to your computer using the provided USB cable and enter your recharge code to begin the Salik process on the website.
  • It is essential to read the terms and conditions mentioned on any website before purchasing, as they vary widely.

How to Recharge Salik?

You can recharge your Salik account via the Salik app, recharge cards, the RTA website, or Salik kiosks. Recharge online methods or self-service machines are also available for account balance reloading.

The recharge amount is shown on the screen, and you can easily select the debit or credit card option. You will receive a message on your registered mobile number when the balance is successfully loaded into your account.

To ensure a secure payment experience, customers can use the RTA’s Salik app for Android and iOS devices. This app provides a convenient and secure way to access salik balance and other services anywhere. Also, customers can use their salik logins to access their Salik balance via the RTA website on a computer and through their mobile app.

How to Check Salik Balance?

How to Check Salik Balance

To check Salik balance online, use the account number and PIN provided in your account statement.

You can call Salik (72545) and ask to check your balance. Upon calling, a representative will guide you through checking your balance. They will ask you to enter your account number and PIN to log in to your account. Once logged in, they will show the balance of your account. It is essential to have a sufficient balance on your account to pay tolls easily. To have enough balance for other financial transactions, you must top up your account.

How to Check Salik Balance with Vehicle Number?

If you have a Salik account number and your VIN, you can check your balance online by entering your account number and PIN.

To do this:

  • Open the RTA website at
  • Log in using your email address and password that were provided to you when registering for a Salik account (see “How to Recharge Salik?” above).
  • On the left side of the page, click on the My Account tab.
  • Click on Vehicle Information. You will be directed to a new page where you can enter your vehicle number.
  • Click on the Salik account number, which will take you to your account balance details.

How to Check Salik Balance with the Account Number?

To check Salik Balance with an account number, call 800 Salik (72545) and press 3 to log in to your account. Next, enter your account number and PIN and then press one to view the current balance in your account. To check the account balance, access your Salik account through the web at or via kiosks. You can also verify your account balance by calling 800-SALIK(72545). To avoid any confusion, it’s best to keep track of the account number and PIN for each of your accounts.

How to Check Salik Balance without an Account Number?

To check Salik balance without an account number, you can call 800 Salik (72545) and select the language of your choice. If you want to check your account balance online, head to the website or kiosks in various locations around the city. You can also enter your account number and PIN to log in to your account and view the current balance. Always ensure your account number and PIN are ready at a store or online to quickly check your account balance.

How to Check Salik Balance by SMS?

How to Check Salik Balance by SMS

Salik balance can be checked by SMS with an account number. One can call the toll-free number 800-72545 (800-SALIK) or send an SMS to pay Salik from a registered mobile number. To check the Salik balance, one must call the same number, press 3 to log in to their account and enter the account number and PIN.

The account number and PIN can be found by logging in to the Salik account or checking the profile settings. When entering an account number and PIN in a Salik balance app, ensure that you enter the correct information and that there are no spaces or dashes between the numbers. If there is an error in the PIN, phone back immediately to verify your account information. The vehicle must have a sufficient Salik account balance to deduct the toll booth fees.

How to Find Salik Account Number?

The Salik account number is the unique number assigned to your salik account by Salik. This number is used to identify your Salik account on the website, in the app and at any financial kiosk or retail outlet. It also acts as a means of identification for the salik tag registered with it. To find this number, log into your Salik account.

You should be able to find the account number and PIN on the right side of the page. The account number can be used for various purposes, for example, for recharging salik cards online or via the app, as a form of payment when paying bills online or at financial kiosks, and so on.

Also, check out Salik’s website ( for more details about Salik account and salik tag activation.

If you want to check the balance of Salik card online or recharge your balance offline, you can visit any salik kiosk or contact any salik agent for assistance.

How to Check Salik Fines?

If you have a Salik account, you can check your balance and check the balance of any of your transactions on the account. You will need the 12-digit account number and PIN to log in to the Salik website. After entering these details, you should be able to view the balance of your account in a few minutes.

If you don’t have sufficient funds for a transaction, Salik charges a fine of AED 100 for the first trip, AED 200 for the second trip, and AED 400 for subsequent trips. This is applicable for both domestic and international trips.

If insufficient funds are available in your account, you will be given a five-day grace period to recharge without incurring any fine. After this period passes, the fine will be AED 50 per day.

How to Cancel Salik Account?

If you wish to cancel your Salik account, please call Salik’s toll-free number, 800-SALIK(72545). You can also access your account online via to cancel the account.

You may be required to provide documentation such as your ID like, passport or visa status or any ID proof and Salik card details for cancellation. In addition, depending on the type of account you have with Salik, you may also be required to pay a fine or penalty. In case of any issues or queries regarding your account, please call the Support team for assistance.


Now that you know the answers to all your queries about the Salik account number, tag recharge, and balance check, you no longer have to worry about anything. Keep yourself safe on the roads and stay within your limits by following these simple steps.

FAQ – How to Check Salik Balance?

FAQ - How to Check Salik Balance

What is the Maximum Salik Per Day?

There is no maximum number of trips that you can make in a day with Salik Dubai Toll Gates. The RTA removed the maximum of six trips (Dhs24) per day in 2013. If you have a vehicle with a salik tag, you can use it to pass through the toll gates as many times as you like.

The Salik tag costs AED 120 and 50 AED with prepaid toll credit. You can also buy Salik tags online and offline, with delivery fees of AED 20.

Which Day is Salik Free?

The Salik gate in Dubai is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This toll gate charges AED 4 for every trip you take through its doors. However, Dubai has no free day to use the Salik system.

Is Salik Free Every Friday?

No, Salik is not free on Fridays. Salik gates in Dubai are operational 24 hours a week, meaning Salik is not free on Fridays. Users must have a Salik Tag and documents such as a driving license and Emirates ID to pay Salik. Salik has been a significant contributor to improving the road networks in Dubai.

What is the Minimum Salik Balance?

The minimum balance required to top up a Salik account is AED 50. Your account number and PIN can be found by logging into your Salik account or checking the profile settings.

What if I Cross Salik Without Balance?

You must pay a fine if you are caught crossing the Salik without a balance on your vehicle. This can range from NIS 50-5000, and depending on the severity of the offence, you may also be subject to having your vehicle confiscated. In some cases, you may even be fined or have your driver’s license revoked. Therefore, keeping a Salik balance to avoid these penalties is essential.

The penalty for not having a Salik balance can be severe. For example, if you are caught without a balance while driving on the Salik, you may be fined NIS 50-5000 or have your driver’s license revoked.

What Happens if I Pass Salik Without Tag?

If you pass through a Salik toll gate without a Salik tag on your vehicle, you will be charged a fine of AED 100 for the first trip, a fine of AED 200 for the second trip, and a fine of AED 400 for the subsequent trips.

No fine will be applied if you recharge the Salik account within five days after passing the toll without a tag.

After the five-day grace period, the fine will be about AED 50 per day.

How Many Cars Pass Through Salik Daily?

How many vehicles pass through Salik daily is unknown, as the number changes depending on the time of day and traffic conditions. However, according to official statistics, around 800-1,200 cars are believed to pass through the toll gates on average daily.

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