Top 10 Interior Design Companies in Sharjah

Are you renovating your home or office and looking for the perfect interior design company in Sharjah? Look no further as we have compiled a list of Sharjah’s top 10 interior design companies. Each of these companies has a unique style that sets them apart from the rest. From contemporary to traditional, they have got it all. This blog will briefly overview each of these companies, their specialties, and what sets them apart. So, whether you want to revamp your home, redecorate your office, or have something else in mind, these companies can help you bring your interior design dreams to life!

Top 10 Interior Design Companies in Sharjah

1. Creative Shelf LLC

Creative Shelf LLC

Creative Shelf LLC is a well-established interior design and fit-out company that was founded in 2007 by Mr Habil Husan and Huzefa Altaf. The company offers services such as space planning, refurbishments, bespoke furniture, and other interior design-related solutions. Creative Shelf LLC emphasizes the importance of integrating design and technology when creating smart and interactive spaces suitable for residential apartments, villas, offices, retail outlets, exhibition stands, and hospitality spaces. The company is based in Sharjah and has its own skilled workers to carry out its execution services, ensuring that the end product is produced to a high standard. Creative Shelf LLC delivers innovative designs to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Address: Warehouse # 17, Ind. Area -13, Backside of Tahseel, Near national paints round about, Sharjah, UAE.


Contact: +971-4-2588826

2. Al Zaher Interiors

Al Zaher Interiors

Award-winning interior design and interior fit-out firm Al Zaher Interiors. They have its headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The business was established in 1994. They offer project management, interior design, and fit-out services not just in the United Arab Emirates but all over the world. Al Zaher Interiors began as a tiny design studio in 1994 and has since expanded into a market-dominating, multifaceted organisation. For their clients, they have successfully finished projects in practically every sector, including hospitality, healthcare, retail, education, and private homes.

Address: Industrial area 17, Muwailah, Warehouse no.2, Opp. Falcon pack, Sharjah, UAE.


Contact: 50 7049649

3. NTC Interior Design & Decoration

NTC Interior Design & Decoration

NTC Design is among Sharjah’s best interior design companies, catering to residential and commercial projects. They offer luxurious fittings, minimalistic designs, and fit-outs without compromising quality or comfort. NTC Design provides bespoke furniture manufacturing, home and office furniture, wall panelling, sofa and lounge, kitchen cabinets, and wardrobe, among other services. Their office is open for customer queries and project assistance from 9 am to 6 pm (Monday – Friday). Looking for interior design and fit-out solutions? NTC Design is your go-to option in Sharjah.

Address: Industrial Area 17, Sharjah, UAE.


Contact: +971-56 76 25 803

4. Meter Square Interiors LLC

Meter Square Interiors LLC

Meter Square Interiors LLC is one of Sharjah’s leading interior design companies. They offer a wide range of services, from home staging to complete home remodelling. Their team of expert professionals is passionate about designing beautiful spaces that meet your needs and expectations. Meter Square Interiors LLC provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their services, and you can reach their team at any time by phone or email. You can also explore their complete portfolio of services and read reviews from previous clients on their website. With years of experience in the industry, they are committed to delivering quality results. Contact them today to schedule a consultation and discover how they can help transform your living spaces!

Address: P.O Box, 66015, Sharjah, UAE.


Contact: + 971 6 539 8189

5. Nahawi Design Studio

Nahawi Design Studio

Interior design is approached in a contemporary way by Nahawi Design Studio. They put 3D visualising ahead of conventional presentation techniques. In addition, we enjoy investigating cutting-edge materials and technological advancements in their interior designs. Also, they developed 3D printing to produce unique features that improve the spaces we design. They are regarded as one of Dubai’s top interior design firms since they are committed to giving our clients the greatest service and design philosophies. Their approach to design is distinctive and unmatched in Dubai’s interior design market. Your ability to learn, develop, and adapt will help you produce exceptional solutions and will play a significant position in their design consultancy.

Address: Buheira Corniche Rd, Sharjah Office 1404, Al Batha Tower, PO Box. 65399, UAE.


Contact: 0097165737318



One of Sharjah’s top interior design and fit-out firms, M.D. Décor (MANJALY DAVIS DECOR CONT.) focuses on purchasing, installing, and upkeep a broad range of interior fit-out solutions. With more than 28 years of experience in the pitch. Mr M.K. Davis, the company’s founder, is supported by a capable staff that adds the final touches to each building project on your behalf.

Address: P.B NO. 36152, Industrial Area -5, Sharjah, UAE.


Contact: 971 50 4978809

7. Alamis Decor Contracting

Alamis Decor Contracting

Alamis Group is a business that offers a full range of joinery, architectural metal, and glazing work solutions. They think we can work with a large variety of materials and finishes, regardless of the project’s kind, design, or size. They have a staff of skilled operators, qualified managers, engineers, and architects who enable us to complete any project at any scale. They have developed into one of the greatest contractors in the UAE and now provide the whole spectrum of services, from designing to installing. It is accredited with the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 standards, which provide value to our business and enable us to compete in global markets.

Address: 209, Al Faisal Building, 2 King Faisal St, Sharjah, UAE.


Contact: +971 6 74784935

8. Target Interior Design & Contracting Co

Target Interior Design & Contracting Co

Among the top interior design companies in Sharjah, Target Interior Design & Contracting Co is a creative agency in Sharjah. They are known for providing innovative, impactful interior design solutions for building structures. The company offers a variety of services, including interior decoration, carpentry, and landscaping. They come highly recommended for their professional, industry-leading experience in creating several interior designs that are both unique and practical. Target Interior Design & Contracting Co is particularly known for its gypsum interior decorating services, and its fit-out solutions cater to businesses of all sizes.

Address: Industrial Area -12, Sharjah, UAE.


Contact: +971 6 5738282

9. Shape Architecture Practice And Research

Shape Architecture Practice And Research

Shape Architecture Practice and Research is an innovative architecture firm based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and founded in 2006 by Abdulla. The firm is committed to excellence in architectural design in the Middle East, with a focus on incorporating digital design and production technologies into the design process. Shape Architecture believes that research and experimentation are integral to the design process, which drives its design development. The firm’s dedication to using technology to achieve its design goals is what sets it apart from other architecture firms in Sharjah. Through the extensive use of technology, Shape Architecture Practice and Research are able to create unique and elegant designs that are highly functional, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Address: PO Box 69495, Sharjah, UAE.


Contact: +971 (0)6 544 2555

10. RadyInterior


RadyInterior is a Sharjah-based interior design company that specializes in residential, commercial, and hospitality projects. RadyInterior’s interior designers use their years of experience and extensive knowledge of materials to craft elegant, functional, and beautiful spaces. The company also has a strong focus on maintaining the highest quality standards for all its projects. RadyInterior’s team of designers has years of experience working on various types of projects, from small guest rooms to large corporate offices and hotels. Their dedication to high-quality work ensures that every project is handled with care and precision. RadyInterior can be contacted by email or phone for general inquiries or to schedule a free consultation.

Address: Al Maha Tower, Al Taawun St, Sharjah, UAE.


Contact: +971 50 818 1824


There are many professional and reputable interior design companies in Sharjah that guarantee striking designs and maximum functionality for your living space. Whether you are looking to renovate your house or just decorate your office, choosing the right interior design company is important. We have curated a list of Sharjah’s top 10 interior design companies to make your life easier. Check out these companies websites and look closely at their portfolio and reviews to find out which best fits your design concepts and style. Start your journey towards a well-designed space now.

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