How to Renew Driving License in Abu Dhabi?

Are you a driver in Abu Dhabi? Do you need to renew your driver’s license but need to know how? It can seem like a daunting and confusing process, but not to worry; we’re here to help. In this blog, we will guide you through renewing your driver’s license step-by-step. We will explain how to open your driving license file, how to check your license status, and how to renew it. We will also provide information on the cost of renewing your license so you can plan accordingly. By the end of this blog, you will know everything about how to renew driving license in Abu Dhabi.

How to Open Driving License File in Abu Dhabi?

How to Open Driving License File in Abu Dhabi?

The TAMM portal, the official gateway for Abu Dhabi Government services, or the Abu Dhabi Police mobile app are two options for opening a traffic report online. To open a driving license file, you need an Emirates ID, an eye test certificate and photos. Follow the steps to open driving license file,

  • Visit
  • Scroll down and tap the ‘Driving and License’ tab
  • Now, select ‘Driving License’ on the left side Menu
  • Scroll down and navigate to the next page; click ‘Request to Open a Driving License File’ on the second page
  • You will be directed to the official page, now click on ‘Start’
  • Here, you need to sign in with your ‘UAE Pass’
  • After signing in, select a license type, and you need to choose ‘light motor vehicle if you have a car license
  • Choose the option “new” from the drop-down menu.
  • Abu Dhabi Police traffic and licensing department branches are among the preferred driving test centers. The place where you’ll take your last driving exam will be held.
  • Manual or automatic payment is possible.
  • Next, you must enter your personal information, but this section will automatically fill in as you have signed in through your UAE Pass account. Your full name, Emirates ID number, expiration date, nationality, the Emirate you live in, Date of Birth, mobile number and email address are all included in the details.
  • Upload all the required documents.
  • Pay the fee for opening a traffic file.

How to Get a Driving License in Abu Dhabi?

How to Get Driving License in Abu Dhabi?

Individuals must meet certain eligibility criteria to obtain or renew a driving license in Abu Dhabi. A valid Emirates ID and eye test results are required for individuals renewing their licenses. However, those applying for a driving license for the first time must pass a theoretical exam and complete eight practical lessons on road safety and driving habits. The eligibility criteria for acquiring the license include the following:

  • Being at least 18 years old.
  • Holding a valid residency visa.
  • Completing 20 hours of practical driving lessons.
  • Passing an eye test.
  • Passing both a practical and theory test.

After passing all the tests, including the road test and payment completion, you will get your license.

For those who need to translate their driving license, the driving license translation AbuDhabi office provides a simple yet efficient process for obtaining a valid driver’s license and translating it into the desired language. In addition, the Emirates Driving Company administers the eight tests required for obtaining a driving license in Abu Dhabi. Following these steps and meeting the eligibility requirements, individuals can easily acquire or renew their driving license in Abu Dhabi.

How to Check Driving License Status in Abu Dhabi?

To check your driving license status in Abu Dhabi, you must bring your relevant Emirates ID card, driving file, and passport-sized photographs. You also check the status online by visiting, here you will need to enter your login info and driving license number. After submitting your details, you can screen the status of your driving license.

How to Renew Driving License in Abu Dhabi?

How to Renew Driving License in Abu Dhabi?

If your driving license in Abu Dhabi is about to expire or has already expired, don’t worry, you can renew the driving license easily. The renewal process can be initiated before the expiry date. Required documents include Emirates ID, passport or identity card, eye test results, and a medical certificate. If you’re above 21, you can renew your license one year before expiration, while those below 21 can renew one month before expiration.

You must submit a completed renewal application form, one passport-size photo, and the required documents. Renewing your driving license can be completed by visiting any RTA office in Abu Dhabi for an in-person appointment. Remember to carry all the necessary documents and fees to complete your renewal without hassle.

You can renew your driving license online through the Abu Dhabi Police website. First, register your account using your Emirates ID or sign in with your Emirates ID or UAE Pass and complete the process to renew your driving license. It also allows you to pay the fee online and receive your driving licence via courier.

How Much Does It Cost to Renew Driving License in Abu Dhabi?

Renewing a driving license in Abu Dhabi can be a hassle, but the cost is reasonable. The renewal fee for a driving license for one year is AED 100, while for three years, it costs AED 300. There is also an additional fee of AED 10 for knowledge and innovation. The driver must clear all the fines before renewing the license; otherwise, an extra AED 10/month delay fine will be added.

The fee can be paid electronically, by card, or in cash at the Abu Dhabi Police office. Those below 21 years need to pay AED 100 to renew their license, while those above 21 years need to pay AED 300. It is important to bear in mind that if you delay the renewal of the license, then you may incur additional fees of AED 10 per month delay.


Renewing your driving license is an essential process that involves verifying your identity, taking a medical test, and updating your personal information. The renewal process in Abu Dhabi differs from other cities or countries, so it’s important to know the steps involved before embarking on it. First, you must open a driving license file with Abu Dhabi Traffic Police and apply for a renewal with the relevant documents.

FAQ – How to Renew Driving License in Abu Dhabi?

FAQ - How to Renew Driving License in Abu Dhabi?

Can I renew UAE driving license online?

Yes, you can renew your UAE driving license online by providing the necessary documents, such as an expired license, passport copy, Emirates ID copy, eye test certificate, and payment confirmation letter from an authorized driving school. In addition, the service allows you to request the renewal of your expired or expiring UAE driving license.

Renewing your UAE driving license online is simple and involves following straightforward steps carefully or entering your Emirates ID. It requires copies of your consular identity card and UAE driving license for renewal. Overall, online renewing your UAE driving license is a fast and convenient option for car owners.

How many months before can I renew my driving license in Abu Dhabi?

If you are 21 or older, you can renew your Abu Dhabi driving license up to 1 year before its expiry date. For those under 21, the renewal can be done 1 month before expiry. To renew your license, visit an RTA office with a valid ID, license, medical certificate, and photo. Additionally, if you need your license translated into any language, you can do so at the driving license translation Abu Dhabi office. Remember that renewing your driving license before its expiry date in Abu Dhabi is possible.

Do you need eye test for driving licence renewal in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, an eye test is mandatory when renewing a driving license in Abu Dhabi. Individuals 21 and above must show valid Emirates ID and eye test results. At the same time, foreign nationals require additional documents like a passport copy, visa page, NOC, and eye exam results. Failure to renew an expired license incurs fines of up to Dh500 or even license revocation.

To obtain a driving license in Abu Dhabi, individuals must be at least 18 years old, have a residency visa, pass driving school lessons and practical tests, and undergo an authorized optician/optometrist eye test. Those under 21 years old need to present an original Emirates ID, while those 21 years or above need a valid Emirates ID and eye test results for renewal.

How long is Abu Dhabi driving license renewal valid?

Abu Dhabi driving licenses are typically first valid for 2 years; after renewal, they can be valid for up to 15 years. Renewal requirements differ depending on age – individuals below 21 need their original Emirates ID, and those above 21 need a valid Emirates ID and eye test results. Driving license renewal fees can be either AED 100 for one year or AED 300 for three years.

UAE nationals and GCC citizens must renew their driving licenses every 10 years, while ex-pats must renew them every 5 years. Before renewing their driving license, individuals must clear any outstanding traffic fines, and delaying the license renewal will result in monthly fines of AED 10.

What documents are needed to renew drivers licence?

To renew a driving license in UAE, individuals typically need their valid Emirates ID and eye test results. Required documents for renewal include a copy of the UAE driving license and consular identity card. Online renewal requirements include:

  • An expired driving license.
  • Passport copy.
  • Emirates ID.
  • Eye test certificate.
  • Payment confirmation from a driving school.

It is worth noting that all UAE cities follow the same driving license renewal requirements. In addition, individuals under 21 must also present their original Emirates ID for renewal.

What is the fine for driving with expired license in Abu Dhabi?

The fine for driving with an expired license in Abu Dhabi varies depending on when the license expires. Renewing an expired driving license in Abu Dhabi can cost up to 300 dirhams, and late renewal fees are 10 dirhams per month, up to a maximum of 500 dirhams.

It’s important to note that all outstanding traffic fines must be settled before renewing the license. Renewal payments can be made in cash, electronically, or by credit card. The Abu Dhabi Police can assist with the renewal process and provide information on fees and payment options.

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