Top 10 Best Web Designing Companies in UAE

Are you looking for the top web designing companies in UAE? Look no further, as we have compiled a list of the best ones. From LRB INFO TECH to Inter Smart, we have gathered information on the top ten companies that offer exceptional web designing services. In today’s digital age, having a functional and visually appealing website is crucial to establish an online presence.

These companies provide excellent design services and ensure that your website is optimised for search engines and user-friendly. So, if you are looking for a reliable and reputable web designing company in UAE, read on to find out more about our top picks.

Top 10 Best Web Designing Companies in UAE

If you are searching for the best web designing companies in UAE, look no further. Our list of the top 10 companies has been evaluated based on their portfolios, client reviews, and industry recognition. The services offered by these companies range from website design to e-commerce development. Some of them have even won awards for their exceptional work in web design.

These companies have served some of the biggest brands and businesses in the UAE region. However, researching before hiring a web designing company that fits your needs and budget is important. Regardless of your chosen company, ensure they provide excellent customer service and deliver results that exceed your expectations.



One of the top 10 best web designing companies in UAE is LRB INFO TECH. They have an impressive portfolio of clients and offer a wide range of services, including website design, software development, and maintenance. Their team consists of highly skilled professionals experienced in creating custom solutions for businesses of all sizes.

LRB INFO TECH’s designs are modern, user-friendly, and optimised for search engines. In addition, they have a track record of delivering projects on time and within budget. This level of expertise and reliability has helped them stand out as a leading web designing company in UAE that businesses can trust to enhance their online presence.

Address: Office no- 873, Floor No- 8, Al Ghaith Tower, opposite ADCB BANK Hamdan Street Abu Dhabi – Abu Dhabi, UAE


Phone: 056 710 0733, 02 575 5584

2. Lamp Media Tech

Lamp Media Tech

One of the top 10 best web designing companies in UAE is Lamp Media Tech, a Dubai-based company specialising in creating customised websites. Their team uses the latest tools and technologies to create visually appealing, user-friendly designs that work seamlessly across all devices.

In addition to website development, Lamp Media Tech offers e-commerce solutions, digital marketing, and branding services to clients across various technological industries. With a proven track record of delivering high-quality projects, Lamp Media Tech is an excellent choice for anyone looking for top-notch web design services in UAE.

Address: Gulf Towers, A2, 4th Floor, 402 A-21, Oud Metha, Dubai, UAE


Phone: +971 42 694 123, +971 55 970 7725

3. WebCastle Technologies LLC

WebCastle Technologies LLC

WebCastle Technologies LLC is a top-rated web designing company in UAE, specialising in various services, including website design and development, mobile app development, digital marketing, and more. With an experienced team of professionals who use the latest technology and techniques, they deliver innovative and high-quality solutions that cater to each client’s specific needs.

WebCastle Technologies LLC has worked with clients from multiple industries, including healthcare, hospitality, and real estate. Their customer-centric approach and timely delivery of projects have earned them a reputation for being one of the best web designing companies in the UAE. Moreover, their services are cost-effective and tailored to meet the unique requirements of each project.

Address: WebCastle Technologies L.L.C., #1507, Sobha Sapphire Building, Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, P.O Box: 112657


Phone: +971 4 554 0033

4. Daddy Cool Technologies

Daddy Cool Technologies

Daddy Cool Technologies is among the top 10 best web designing companies in UAE. This full-service web design and development company is based in Dubai, UAE. It offers various services, including website design, e-commerce development, mobile app development, and digital marketing.

Daddy Cool Technologies boasts a team of experts with experience working with clients across various industries, from startups to large corporations. Their commitment to delivering high-quality work that aligns with their client’s business goals and objectives sets them apart from other companies.

They use the latest technologies and best practices to ensure that their client’s websites are modern, responsive, and user-friendly. If you need a reliable web design and development partner in UAE, Daddy Cool Technologies may be your right choice.

Address: 7th Floor, Office No. 713, Al Qusais Plaza, Damascus Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Phone: +971545287463

5. Gligx


One of the top 10 best web designing companies in UAE is Gligx. This professional company offers various services, including website design, development, digital marketing, and e-commerce solutions. The company has a team of experienced designers and developers who have worked with clients from various industries.

Their strong focus on customer satisfaction ensures they deliver high-quality work within the agreed timeline. Gligx provides ongoing support to ensure its clients’ websites are always up-to-date and functional. With their web design and development expertise, Gligx is a reliable choice for those looking to create or revamp their online presence.

Address: 105, Al Refa Building,36 37 D St, Khalid Bin Al Waleed Rd, Burdubai, Dubai


Phone: +971 4 3447633, +971 54 7924376

6. Zentroa Technologies

Zentroa Technologies

Zentroa Technologies is a leading web design company in UAE that offers a comprehensive range of services, including web development, graphic design, and digital marketing. They have gained expertise in creating websites for various industries such as e-commerce, healthcare, education, etc.

With an experienced team of web developers, designers and marketers, Zentroa Technologies creates visually appealing and user-friendly websites that cater to their client’s needs.

The company follows the latest trends and technologies in web design to provide innovative solutions to its clients. Moreover, they offer customised solutions tailored to each client’s needs. Their commitment to excellence has helped them earn a reputation as one of the top 10 best web designing companies in UAE.

Address: First Floor, Ascon House, Salahuddin St, Al Muteena, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Phone: (971) 052 55 99 052

7. Planet Green Solutions

Planet Green Solutions

One of the top web designing companies in UAE is Planet Green Solutions. They offer various services, including website design, development, and digital marketing. Their team of experienced professionals creates responsive and user-friendly websites that are optimised for search engines.

In addition to web design, they also provide e-commerce solutions, mobile app development, and branding services. Its innovative web design approach and customer satisfaction commitment sets Planet Green Solutions apart.

They offer personalised solutions that meet the specific needs of their clients and have won several awards for their work in the industry. Planet Green Solutions is a great choice for businesses seeking a reliable and creative web design partner in the UAE.

Address: #M 04 & #M 05, Al Kuthban Bldg, Near Al Safa Metro Station, 3rd Interchange, Sheikh Zayed Road, P.O.Box: 81302, Dubai, UAE


Phone: 050 6527443, 04 3389424

8. Tomsher Technologies LLC

Tomsher Technologies LLC

Tomsher Technologies LLC is a top web designing company in UAE specialising in providing a comprehensive range of digital services. This includes web development, digital marketing, and branding solutions to help businesses establish their online presence. With an expert team of designers and developers, Tomsher Technologies LLC ensures the website design is responsive and user-friendly.

One of the unique selling points of Tomsher Technologies LLC is its ability to provide custom web development services that cater to the specific needs of its clients. They have completed projects for various industries, including healthcare, education, e-commerce and advertising companies. Their portfolio showcases their expertise and experience working with clients from different sectors.

Overall, Tomsher Technologies LLC remains popular for businesses looking to enhance their online presence through high-quality web design services.

Address: 13 26th St, Wafi Residence, opposite Dubai Healthcare City Metro Station, Oud Metha Road, Dubai


Phone: +971 4 357 7356

9. Bellbird Technologies

Bellbird Technologies

Bellbird Technologies is a leading web designing company in UAE that offers services such as website design and development, mobile app development, and digital marketing. The company has earned its reputation for its innovative approach to design and boasts a team of skilled professionals who are experts in their respective fields.

With an impressive client portfolio across various industries, Bellbird Technologies has consistently delivered high-quality solutions. In addition, their focus on customer satisfaction and attention to detail differentiates them from other regional web designing companies.

Bellbird Technologies is worth considering if you’re looking for a reliable and experienced web designing company in UAE.

Address: 704, Rafa Building, Al Mina Road, Dubai, UAE, PO -181825


Phone: +971 50 415 3203

10. Inter Smart

Inter Smart

Inter Smart is among the top 10 best web designing companies in UAE. Based in Dubai, this company specialises in creating responsive and user-friendly websites for businesses of all sizes. Their experienced designers and developers work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and deliver customised solutions that meet their goals.

In addition to web design and development, Inter Smart offers various other digital services, including SEO, social media marketing, and e-commerce solutions. They have received positive client reviews for their professionalism, creativity, and timely delivery. Inter Smart may be an excellent choice if you’re looking for a reliable and experienced web design company in UAE.

Address: Al Hawai Tower, Office #305, Sheikh Zayed Rd, Trade Centre, Trade Centre 1, DIFC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Phone: +971 50 993 9863


These 10 web designing companies are the best in the UAE and offer various services such as web design, web development, digital marketing, and more. Each company is unique in its approach and caters to different needs. Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation, you can find a company that will suit your needs.

FAQ – Web Designing Companies in UAE

FAQ - Web Designing Companies in UAE

How to choose the right web design company in Dubai?

When choosing a web design company in Dubai, it is important to consider several factors. First, look for a company with experience designing websites in your industry and check their portfolio to see if their style matches your preferences. Research the company’s reputation and read reviews from past clients to gauge their level of customer satisfaction.

Additionally, consider the company’s communication skills and availability for ongoing support. Choosing a reliable and experienced web design company can ensure you get a website that meets your needs and helps you achieve your business goals.

Are web designers still in demand?

Absolutely! Web designers are in high demand, especially as more businesses shift online operations. However, web designers must stay current with evolving technologies and design trends to remain competitive.

Web designers can work independently or as part of a team in various industries, including technology, marketing, and e-commerce. As long as there is a need for websites and digital interfaces, there will be a need for skilled web designers.

How much does web designing cost in UAE?

The cost of web designing in UAE can vary depending on the project’s complexity. For basic websites with simple designs, you can expect to pay around AED 3,000 to AED 5,000. However, more complex websites with advanced features and custom designs can cost upwards of AED 10,000 or more.

To ensure you get the best value for your money, it is recommended that you obtain quotes from multiple web design companies before finalising one. This will give you a better idea of the cost and help you choose the best option for your needs and budget.

How do I join web design?

To join the world of web design, start by researching and learning the basics through online tutorials, courses, or books. Then, gain practical experience by working on projects or volunteering for non-profit organisations.

Building a portfolio of your work is essential to showcase your skills to potential clients or employers. Consider getting certified in web design or related areas to increase your credibility and marketability, as this can make you stand out in a competitive field. You can establish yourself as a successful web designer with dedication and hard work.

What app do web designers use?

Web designers use a variety of apps and software depending on their preferences and project requirements. Some popular tools web designers use include Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Figma, and Canva for design work. In addition, text editors like Sublime Text or IDEs like Visual Studio Code are commonly used for coding and development.

Staying up-to-date with the latest design and development tools is important for web designers to ensure high-quality work. But ultimately, the choice of app or software depends on individual preference and project needs.

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